Despite postal strike, the North still gets mail

Despite postal strike, the North still gets mail
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The threat of a national strike by Canadian postal workers will not affect the delivery of important documents to residents in the NWT or Fort Chipewyan.

On June 3, negotiations between the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) and Canada Post hit a roadblock forcing the union to strike.

At this point, strike action has been taking place on a rotational basis which means outside of these centres it’s “business as usual” said a media representative from Canada Post. Should the union call a general strike all mail will stop across the country.

During a rotational strike, mail service in the NWT and Fort Chiewyan will only be affected if the strike hits Edmonton or Yellowknife, two distribution centres that handle mail bound for the North says Anthony Dube, Fort Smith’s Postmaster.

The delay is only temporary, however, running from 24 to 48 hours.

For residents of the NWT, steps have been taken to ensure important documents and cheques get delivered.

According to a GNWT press release, all these items will be delivered using

According to a GNWT press release, all these items will be delivered using other means besides Canada Post.

“In Yellowknife, Fort Smith, Fort Simpson, and Inuvik, GNWT offices will be holding important packages like driver’s licences, general identification cards (GIC), and pay cheques for the recipients to pick up. Licences and GIC cards are available at the local issuing offices and pay cheques can be picked up at the local Finance offices.”

It goes onto say that recipients must present government identification at a GNWT office to receive their documents. The press release also states that for those who live in remoter communities without issuing offices other plans are in place to get all forms of government assistance money to people. They can obtain these cheques at the local ECE office or Band office.

It goes onto say that all direct deposit payments will not be affected.

The first strike action took place in Winnipeg and as of press time the next strike will be in Moncton followed by Victoria, B.C.

Dube’s office doesn’t belong to CUPW so for the strike’s duration they will stay open.

“We’re rural offices which is ruled by the Canadian Postal Assistants Association and we settled our contract last year,” Dube said. “The strike covers workers inside processing plants and letter carriers so that will affect retailers that are CUPW which includes Hay River, Inuvik and Yellowknife. We will not be receiving or sending mail if there is a general strike. The only thing we’re able to do is sell products or items over the counter that’s it .”

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