Canadians for Venezuela democracy

Canadians for Venezuela democracy

Editor: We are planning to send a team of human rights experts, political and community advocates to Venezuela.

The crisis in Venezuela is approaching the three month mark and we need to hold President Maduro and his group of thugs accountable.

In Canada we [Canadian Parliament on March 27] were able to pass a unanimous decision calling on Maduro to stop the violence against the people of Venezuela.

I am pleased to announce that effective immediately I have accepted and agreed to head the G20 Human Rights organization as their chairperson.

A report will have to be written and then presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva holding Maduro responsible for his actions in Venezuela (similar to what we had done for Sri Lanka).

Please ask your friends and family to sign the ePetition and send a Message to the G20 leaders in the world to support our engagement of UNHRC (www.

Thank you,
Hon. Jim Karygiannis

Editor’s note: Not everyone in Canada agrees with this approach. Some feel it is interference in Venezuela’s left wing “revolution.” (See Jim Karygiannis is a Liberal Member of Parliament from Ontario. He recently announced his resignation after 26 years in Parliament and will run for Toronto city council. (

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