Jr. Canadian Rangers train with the pros in Whitehorse

Click on the slideshow above to view captions.Photos: Cpt. Steve Watton/ UPAR, 1CRPG.

Almost 200 Junior Canadian Rangers (JCR) from the NWT shipped out to Whitehorse late last month for an intense seven days of enhanced training sessions with the First Canadian Ranger Patrol Group from June 17 to 25.

In addition to building their physical strength and tactical skills, the youth took part in a series of activities aimed at promoting healthy living, positive self image, military culture and the traditions of the Canadian Rangers.

Around 170 youth aged 12 to 15 were involved in a basic training stream. The young Rangers learned while doing non-stop activities in the great outdoors, including white water rafting, zip lining, rock climbing, air rifle shooting, trapping, woodsmanship, canoeing, swift water rescue exercises and traditional activities.

Simultaneously, 21 JCRs aged 16 to 18 entered advanced training, with the intent of learning how to become leaders and mentors in their home communities. After two days of practicing small party tasks and issuing orders in a militaristic style, the group spent four days in field training where they marched with rucksacks on wilderness hikes around the Whitehorse area, stopping along the way to set up camp.

“The objective was to have the JCRs believe they can do anything and to attempt new encounters,’ said Cpt. Rich Layden, the officer in charge of the camp. “We challenged them with vigorous training activities to show that there are no boundaries and that any task is reachable because they’re such great youth.”

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