• The federal election  by the numbers

    The federal election by the numbers0

    Federal elections are exciting times, since the future of the country is at stake, so we have compiled information from the past, present, with projections into the future, to offer some perspective.

  • Vote also for those who run government

    Vote also for those who run government0

    When it comes time to vote, we the electorate are susceptible, even gullible, swayed by TV sound bytes and images crafted by marketing gurus; the worst example is the throng following Donald Trump. Surely we in Canada don’t want to be like that!

  • Accountability: a promise not kept

    Accountability: a promise not kept0

    Editor, Prime Minister Stephen Harper states that his government “only failed to deliver on one promise from the 2011 campaign.” That he met ninety and nine promises made that year will never be known with certainty as true or false.

  • In order to retain power, anything goes

    In order to retain power, anything goes0

    So far, two things that are bad for Canada stand out in the federal election campaign of 2015. Although climate change is the ‘elephant in the room,’ none of the three major parties are saying much about the impacts and what Canada must do about it.

  • Crafting the image of a good prime minister

    Crafting the image of a good prime minister0

    It is a rare, memorable occasion to have a prime minister visit a small community; but unfortunately there was no advance notification for Fort Smith. The mayor, on vacation in Newfoundland, was ready (if rumours are true) to return, but he never got confirmation. The proud little town never got a chance to “spruce up” – put on a show or even clean the ditches. No one knew the PM and his party would tour the community garden, which had not even been weeded.

  • Behind Harper’s pageantry

    Behind Harper’s pageantry0

    Editor: Stephen Harper’s self-serving Northern safaris illustrate his strategy of exploiting the “great treasure house” while ignoring challenges faced by Northerners. This is evident as Operation Nanook’s scores of military personnel arrive in Iqaluit. For nearly 100 days, Iqaluit has been dealing with a crisis unthinkable in southern Canada.


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