Diseased duck sent for testing

Diseased duck sent for testing
This duck, shot near Pine Lake, had white worms in the breast meat. It has been sent to Saskatchewan for testing.

A duck shot just south of Fort Smith last week has been sent for testing in Saskatchewan after hunters found what looked like white worms in the breast meat.

Fred Beaulieu shot the duck near Pine Lake on April 26, but dropped it off with Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) when he discovered the white worms in the meat.

Beaulieu said he has never seen anything like that in duck meat before.

Troy Ellsworth, a wildlife manager with ENR in Fort Smith, said that while parasites are common in ducks, the sample will be sent to the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Center in Saskatoon for testing this week.

“It’s a matter of caution, just to see if it is something normal, or if it is something that hasn’t been documented in the NWT before,” Ellsworth said.

He commended Beaulieu for bringing the duck to ENR, and advised any hunters who see unusual diseases in wildlife to contact ENR.

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