Pine Point resurrection nearing completion

Pine Point resurrection nearing completion

Tamerlane Ventures’ Pine Point project is optimistic its lead zinc project near the old Pine Point mine site will go ahead soon, with plans to operate for 15 years.

The process that started in 2004 when Tamerlane secured a 60 per cent share in the old Cominco claim near Pine Point had become more promising through several stages of assessment until last summer when the Federal Government finally granted both the land and water use permits.

Now, Pine Point is close to becoming a name on the map once again.

Tamerlane has measured and indicated 8,030,000 tonnes of usable ore underground and 9,166,00 usable open pit tonnage of the same grade, according to a March 17th press release.

The Washington-based mining venture company recently confirmed the reserve viability, reporting promising figures for both their proposed underground and open pit ventures in subsequent press releases.

This projected tonnage has indicated an acceptable percentage of lead and zinc in the ore body, and this combined with their indicated historical reserve has allowed Tamerlane to estimate a 15 year operation lifespan.

Vancouver based Rescan Environmental Services operating out of Yellowknife has been hired as Tamerlane’s environmental consultants while Surrey based Axxent Engineering Ltd.has been brought on to handle all of the definitive engineering on the surface infrastructure and milling facility.

Tamerlane anticipates commissioning a metallurgical facility following the successful delivery of ore from the operation.

With another two years forecast before Tamerlane becomes a full-fledged mining operation, Pine Point may have to wait a little bit longer for its name to be synonymous with mining once again.

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