Salt Plains platform damaged: Parks official calls vandalism ‘disappointing’

Salt Plains platform damaged: Parks official calls vandalism ‘disappointing’
Vandals attacked the viewing platform that overlooks the Salt Plains in Wood Buffalo National Park sometime on May 29th. The damage is extensive.Photo submitted by Wood Buffalo National Park.

A group of school children from Fort Smith on a field trip into Wood Buffalo National Park (WBNP) were greeted with a shocking display on May 30.

The visitor interpretation site at the popular Salt Plains north of Fort Smith had been destroyed by vandals the night before.

WBNP staff estimate the damage at approximately $5,000.

One of the popular mounted binoculars was smashed off its mount, an interpretive sign was destroyed and some of the wooden railings on the platform overlooking the Salt Plains were broken.

WBNP spokesperson Tim Gauthier said the vandalism was senseless.

“It’s disappointing to see something that belongs to all Canadians damaged like this,” Gauthier said.

He said the park would appreciate any information about the vandalism.

No charges have been laid as of press time.

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