Vandalism costly to gravel truck owner

Vandalism costly to gravel truck owner

What is believed to be battery acid was poured into the fuel tank of a Fort Smith Construction (FSC) gravel truck while parked in a service yard in Fort Smith, leaving the truck severely damaged and FSC owner Alden Vogt looking for answers, and a suspect.

“Someone put battery acid in the tank,” said Vogt. “It was intentional, there’s no two ways about it.”

The vandalism is believed to have occurred when the truck was awaiting repairs in the RDV Mechanical service yard at the corner of Highway 5 and King Street in Fort Smith last week. After repairs were completed at RDV, the truck was en route to Hay River to resume its daily duties when problems arose.

“They drove it to Hay River and the truck was running badly,” said RDV Services owner Dwayne Venema. “So they brought it to a shop in Hay River.

“The who, when and why are still unknown, and I would love to find out who did this,” stated Venema.

Both he and Vogt have ruled out generic vandalism, stating confidently that the act was carried out by someone with a working knowledge of vehicles.

A witness who happened to be on RDV property, heard a commotion and noticed a dark coloured pick up with a bush rack and field lights, leaving the premises.

The vandalized gravel truck is in Hay River still awaiting repairs.

The RCMP have been contacted on the matter and the chemical substance that was found in the truck’s fuel tank is being sent away for analysis.

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