Marie-Jewell election signs attacked

Marie-Jewell election signs attacked
A vehicle ran over MLA candidate Jeannie Marie-Jewell’s signs late last Friday night.Photo by Victor Marie.

An unknown vehicle ran over several of Thebacha MLA candidate Jeannie Marie-Jewell’s campaign signs late last Friday night.

The two large wooden signs on the corner of McDougal Road and King Street laid in pieces until reconstructed on Saturday by some of Marie-Jewell’s supporters. The signs are on a lot belonging to the Salt River First Nation.

“It’s unfortunate during a campaign period that individuals who want to vent their anger to a candidate would act in that manner,” Marie-Jewell told The Journal. “But I recognize it’s part of the campaign process.”

Neither of the other two candidates, Peter Martselos and Michael Miltenberger, had their signs attacked, but Marie-Jewell said she did not want to speculate on whether the attacks were personal or not.

She said she was not put off by the act of vandalism.

“As a candidate, it makes you more determined to work harder when people feel threatened in that manner,” she said.

Defacing or altering campaign signs during an election is a criminal offense. If caught and convicted, vandals can face fines and jail time.

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