Drumming teaches you to find your voice: Johnny

Drumming teaches you to find your voice: Johnny
Drumming circles are held every second Saturday at the Wellness Centre and Wednesday evenings at Uncle Gabe’s Friendship Centre. Photo: Paul Bannister.

“Drumming not only makes you feel good and the people around you feel good, but it’s good for the Earth,” said Veronica Johnny.

The Fort Smith musician and drumming teacher at Uncle Gabe’s Friendship Centre led a hand-drumming workshop at Joan’s Health and Fitness Club last Saturday afternoon as a continuation of the youth drumming and singing project she has been involved in since 2008.

The event was a shared effort between Johnny, who teaches drumming on Wednesday evenings at the friendship centre, and Malorie Rehm, who hosts drumming circles at the Wellness Centre every second Saturday.

Johnny said drumming and singing helps connect people to one another and a greater faith and spirituality that is often lacking from modern life.

“I’m trying to do what I can to help individual people learn to have some spirituality because it’s so important,” she said. “Especially today we deal with so much in our lives, with what’s happening to the Earth.”

Johnny said drumming and singing empowers people to find their voices, regardless of nation or culture.

“It’s all about trusting our intuition and connecting with the Earth,” she said. “The heartbeat of the drum will get you there.”

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