Exposed bear carcass cleaned up

Exposed bear carcass cleaned up

An exposed bear carcass buried on the Fort Smith Ski Club trail has been removed and disposed of properly, making the trail safe once again for hikers and mountain bikers.

The bear carcass was found uncovered by wolves on the trail not far from the Pelican Rapids Golf and Country Club’s driving range on May 15, where it was attracting other wildlife, said Patti-Kay Hamilton, vice president of the ski club. She noted the site has now been cleaned up.

“It’s what I wanted. All I wanted was for them to take care of their own business and restore our trail to what it was,” Hamilton told The Journal.

Hamilton said she first discovered the burial site a year ago. She said the bear had been shot on the golf course and then dragged to the ski trail for burial.

Randy McDevitt of the Pelican Rapids Golf and Country Club told The Journal the golf course hired a contractor to remove the carcass and restore the site – a popular scenic viewing spot for hikers.

“It was cleaned up and taken out and burnt,” McDevitt said.

Tony Vermillion, a resource officer at Environment and Natural Resources, confirmed the golf course moved the bear carcass to the landfill where it was disposed of appropriately.
Golf course president Allan Heron was not available for comment.

According to Hamilton, there is another bear carcass buried near the same spot, but it was put there three years ago and is in a much deeper grave. Considering the age of the carcass, it is probably dissolved and deteriorated, and not a threat to trail users, she said.

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