Smith town councillor absence may cost seat

Smith town councillor absence may cost seat

Fort Smith town councillor Sheila Sauteur-Chadwick may lose her seat in June as a result of a bylaw currently before council challenging her delinquent attendance.

According to Mayor Janie Hobart, Sauteur-Chadwick has violated the Town of Fort Smith procedures bylaw, which allows for no more than three unexcused absences from regular meetings of council.

Hobart told The Journal that, before Christmas, Sauteur-Chadwick asked to be excused from council meetings until January, but following that made no contact. Her absences continued through February, March and April.

A bylaw was struck by town council in May that would enforce Sauteur-Chadwick’s termination, and it has gone through first and second readings. The third and final reading of the bylaw is scheduled for the next regular meeting of council in June.

Hobart said if Sauteur-Chadwick lost her council seat, the vacant position would not likely be filled, since the next municipal election is only five months away.

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