Elementary school joins efforts to conquer cancer

Elementary school joins efforts to conquer cancer
From left: Allison McArthur, Janet Bell, Lori Robinson, Moriah Hoyles, Gabrielle Vienneau, Jo-Ann McLaren and Amy Turner. Missing: Christine Sivret, Chelsea Van Tol, Lora Sinclair and Mathieu Doucet.Photo: Meagan Wohlberg.

Teachers at Joseph B. Tyrrell (JBT) elementary school in Fort Smith hope bringing Relay for Life’s cancer fundraising through the school’s doors will enact similarly altruistic action among their students and spread awareness of the cause.

“We decided just to go with it and encourage the kids to support the cause,” said JBT Cubs team captain Gabrielle Vienneau, the Grades 2-3 French immersion teacher.

The team of 11, composed mostly of staff members at the school with a few stragglers thrown in, was late out of the starting blocks as the last team to sign up for this year’s event, but is already carrying out fundraising activities both at the school and in the community at large.

Each member is tasked with raising $175 for a grand total of $1,925, although all members agree, “the more, the better.”

Though the Cubs aren’t dedicating their fundraising to any person in particular, each member has someone they’re walking for.

“I think we all have relatives or close friends who’ve been affected by cancer,” said Lori Robinson, also a teacher at JBT. “So we’ll keep them in our minds during the walk.”

“I have my people I’m always thinking of, and I think everybody does,” Vienneau added.

While students are not on the team, they are part of the fundraising. Last week they held a cupcake sale at the school, and an upcoming toonie-walk will see students collect $2 coins for their own mini-relay around town. They’ll also be holding a second cupcake sale this week.

The team is also doing a 50/50 raffle fundraiser. Prizes include 50 per cent of ticket sales – to a maximum total of $1,500 – along with a $200 gift certificate for the Harokiti Salon and a $120 print of the Northern Lights over Four Mile Lake by Fort Smith photographer Patrick Pennycook are up for grabs in the draw, which will take place at 10:00 p.m. on the day of the relay, June 15.

People interested in buying tickets are invited to contact Vienneau by email at gvienneau@ssdec.nt.ca.

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