Inuvik RCMP report large number of calls

Inuvik RCMP report large number of calls
A large number of calls to Inuvik RCMP June 7-9 has to do with a new method of reporting.Photo: Town of Inuvik.

Inuvik RCMP were kept on their toes during the weekend of June 7. Police responded to over 60 calls for service from Friday to Sunday.

According to a news release, most calls were alcohol related, including mischief and disturbance incidents.

There were also two separate reports of impaired driving.

Police arrested a 55 year-old Inuvik man and charged him with driving under the influence on June 8.

On June 9, a 46 year-old woman was issued a 24-hour suspension after police received a tip about an impaired driver on the roads.

A 30 year-old male from Tuktoyaktuk was also arrested for causing a disturbance. The male was later released and issued a bylaw ticket for littering.

A number of fines under the Liquor Act for public intoxication and consuming liquor in public were handed out during the three-day period.

Floyd Roland, Inuvik’s mayor, told The Journal he met with RCMP earlier last week to discuss the high number of calls.

“We typically met with RCMP once at month at council meetings and overall the number of people who spend nights in jail have dropped compared to last year. What they informed me is that it’s a matter of writing tickets for every call now, which isn’t what they were doing before,” Roland said. “This doesn’t mean that a charge necessarily happens or anything goes beyond that, but a ticket is written.”

Crime in Inuvik has been on a slight downward trend this year compared to reports in 2012, Roland noted.

“It looks like a higher number of incidents than usual but this is because they’re accounting for things differently now,” he said.

RCMP will make a formal report on Inuvik crime at the next council meeting in July.

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  • FirstLonewolf
    August 29, 2013, 12:31 AM

    There is a big difference between crimes rates dropping because crimes are down and the crime rate looking like it is dropping because the police are told not to make arrests. Send a reporter here without telling anyone he/she is coming and let them walk around town and see the drinking and drug use in public (if enough complaints they get a ticket) and when the Trappers let out people actually come and park across the street to watch the fights. I don’t blame the officers as they just do what they are told but insufficient policing to lower the budget does not mean there is less crime in Inuvik.


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