Grads honoured in newly renovated Hay River school

Grads honoured in newly renovated Hay River school

The swanky graduation theme of Casino Royale for the class of 2013 from Diamond Jenness Secondary in Hay River worked even better than imagined thanks to the school’s recent renovations.

The convocation ceremony last Thursday took place in the freshly completed concourse, complete with a new, wide stairway and open carpeted area.

“The whole school is just beautiful now and it’s nice for the students to be able to have their graduation here,” Diamond Jenness principal Heather Pedjase said. “There is a lot of glass, you can see right through the library into the outside from the concourse and there’s a beautiful wood sound absorber that goes around the top.”

About 37 graduates graced the well-lit concourse with their caps and gowns, later cutting a rug at the arena in honour of the milestone.

Three years of construction and $28 million later, the school is now more energy efficient and has a longer life expectancy.

It boasts a complete energy efficient ventilation system upgrade with heat recovery, a modern building control system operating in conjunction with the biomass district heating system and the introduction of efficient, long lasting, low maintenance LED lighting fixtures throughout the school’s concourse – a first for public infrastructure in the NWT, according to Glen Abernethy, minister of Human Resources.

Pedjase said she looks forward to celebrating more graduations in the “stunning” concourse for years to come.

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