A Senior Moment

A Senior Moment

Now that we have reached the end of August and a glorious summer as far as the weather served us, it is time for all, from children to seniors and all in between, to look ahead to a "new season" with the many new experiences coming to our communities.

As an ending to our summer activities, last week the Fort Smith Seniors played host to a group of members of Friendship Force International, guests of the Hay River chapter of that organization, by opening our centre for “time out” after driving the interesting trip from Hay River, which included encounters with bison and lunch. This is the second time Fort Smith has played host to this organization representing members from the US as well as Canada. You may have read the full report of their visit to Fort Smith in last week’s Northern Journal.

The Fort Smith Seniors will start out their new season by organizing a  bus journey to Hay River on Sept. 7, a follow up to a similar successful trip last fall, which included taking in the famous fish fry experience right at the wharf, taking time to visit the Hay River Fall Fair and still having time to socialize with the seniors at their centre before returning to Fort Smith. All this in one day! Should you, the reader, wish to come along this year, please give this writer a reservation call at 872–5455. The charge will be $20.

Of further events: Fort Smith is planning a berry picking tour to Salt River, perhaps a visit to Fort Resolution and an annual trip to Fort Chipewyan via the winter road, unless they, in Chip, decide it is their turn to visit Fort Smith. Our work with “Kids and Seniors in the Classroom” started late last spring and will resume as schools start again.

Congratulations from all of us go out to Florence Barnaby of Fort Good Hope for being awarded the 2012 Sister Agnes Sutherland Award for her proactive support of victims of family violence and elder abuse throughout the Sahtu and Beaufort-Delta regions. For longer than 20 years, Florence has been at the forefront, contributing aid to older adults in the NWT through her work with the NWT Seniors’ Society and other organizations.

In the meantime, throughout the territories and indeed in all of Canada, reports of abuse of older adults and of family violence are all too frequent. From communities we also hear that many such incidences are never talked about, nor reported to authorities for action. Much more about this during the upcoming NWT Network Partner meeting scheduled for September, which now has been re-scheduled till Nov. 6. Notices of this change have been send out.

I just have to let you know that the seniors in Fort Smith again won 1st prize for our July 1 Canada Day parade float. I think it’s the seventh time we won a prize in this event. Great decorating job, crew!

Notice to Fort Smith members: our general meeting in September has been re-scheduled to Tuesday, Sept. 10 at 1:20 in the Seniors’ Centre. Make sure to attend!

Seniors are “Foundations” in their communities.

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