One to watch for in 2014: Kiera-Dawn Kolson

One to watch for in 2014: Kiera-Dawn Kolson
Kiera Dawn-Kolson kicked off 2013 with a cross-country ski expedition to the North Pole and hasn’t slowed down since.Photo: John Novis.

Dene activist and educator Kiera-Dawn Kolson of Yellowknife proved in 2013 that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Luckily for the rest of the world, her power of choice is an inspiring and contagious form of positivity directed at changing the lives of youth and the world around her.

Kolson, of Gwich’in and Tso’Tine Dene descent, launched with full force into 2013, heading straight to the North Pole on a trek to bring awareness to climate change and the dangers of Arctic offshore drilling with a handful of other activists.

One of her first times on cross-country skis, Kolson did not let the extreme challenges of a trek into the centre of the Arctic stop her, as she flew her Dene Nation and Gwich’in Tribal Council flags high at the North Pole.

Hardly fatigued by the expedition, Kolson’s journey seemed to only stimulate her capacity to strive for more change. She traveled around the world last year, spreading her message of protecting the land in Scandinavia and across the continent as well as at home in the NWT.

Kolson’s commitment to the North shone brightly last year amid her worldly adventures, most notably with the creation of a new NGO focused on arts-centered youth engagement. While the foundation is still in its beginning stages, it’s one to keep an eye on this year.

Kolson’s message not only encompasses the environment, but draws connections to impacts on indigenous health and society, as exhibited in the premiere of her first-ever documentary on HIV prevention in the North last fall.

A mover and a shaker on many fronts, Kolson has proved she is capable of anything when she puts her mind to it, and is definitely one to watch for in 2014.

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