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Briefs include: Deline launches new website to promote 'cultural' tourism, University of Alberta to study cancer screening access in NWT, and Shell puts Pierre River oilsands mind development on hold.

Deline launches new website to promote ‘cultural’ tourism

The community of Deline has launched its own tourism website and social media channels to attract cultural tourists to the remote, fly-in community in the Sahtu region. Called Destination Deline (, the campaign – created by a tourism consultancy company based in BC – shares local events, stories and photos from the region, all the while enticing future visitors with the promise of experiencing unique Dene cultural practices. Summer activities such as fishing, North-Wright Airways “flight” seeing tours and ATV tours are promoted.

University of Alberta to study cancer screening access in NWT

A team of researchers from the University of Alberta is planning to study access to cancer screening in the NWT after recent reports from the territorial government show some communities are utilizing cancer screening services far below the national average. Researchers are looking to understand why residents are less likely to be tested for cancer, a potentially life-saving process, despite the NWT having the highest incidence of cancer in the country. The research team will conduct surveys in the NWT with a focus on the remote communities where there is a high Aboriginal population. Results are expected in 2015 and will be shared with the federal and territorial governments with the goal of finding solutions to better access for cancer screening.

Shell puts Pierre River oilsands mine development on hold

Oilsands giant Royal Dutch Shell has announced an indefinite halt to development of its Pierre River oilsands mine in northern Alberta, telling regulators the extent of the delay is not yet known. Shell said development of the 200,000 barrel-per-day mine will be pushed back in order for the company to re-evaluate with a “focus on maintaining a competitive business and successful delivery of near-term growth projects.” Until then, company executives said they are not prepared to proceed to a hearing on the project. This year, Shell also cancelled development plans for drilling in Alaska’s Arctic and postponed a liquified natural gas project in Australia.

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