NWT photographer takes newbie under wing

NWT photographer takes newbie under wing
Yellowknife-based photographer Dave Brosha is looking to give back by mentoring one budding photographer from anywhere in the world for an entire year.Photo: Scott Thomson.

Acclaimed Northern photographer David Brosha is offering a hand up to one lucky burgeoning photo snapper from anywhere in the world next month through a one-year, free mentorship program.

Whether it be technical advice, motivational words or lessons on self-promotion, Brosha said he is willing to work with a budding photographer over the next year to provide whatever it is they might need to launch themselves professionally or artistically.

The reason? After 10 years of building himself up as the sought-after pro behind some of the NWT’s best photos, he says it is time to give back.

“The idea kind of just struck me. I was thinking about my own career and progression and just how important it was to have people that encouraged me and kicked me in a butt and looked at my work and weren’t afraid to tell me to do this or do that,” Brosha shared with The Journal.

“Photography’s been so great to me, and I just thought it might be a cool thing to help somebody else through whatever they’re doing, hopefully motivate somebody or just help them succeed.”

Brosha, who is based in Yellowknife, announced the contest last week on his Facebook page, encouraging people of all ages from anywhere in the world and at any stage of their career to apply with a brief explanation of why they want to be mentored, along with examples of their photos.

The deadline to apply is Sunday, Apr. 13 and Brosha said he hopes to make the tough decision by Apr. 20 at the latest, though he might have to employ the help of his wife in making the call.

“I’ve already got close to 50 applicants and they’re from as far away as South America, a couple from the Middle East, one from New Zealand, so it’s pretty crazy,” he said. “It’s going to be so tough, because even the stories that people have sent in so far have just been crazy and inspirational – just so much passion.”

Though he doesn’t really have any set criteria, Brosha said he will choose whoever’s story strikes him as most authentic and whose photos show a spark of talent.

“I want to be able to mentor someone who I think has a real chance of succeeding as a photographer. But it doesn’t matter to me the age or where they’re at in their career or anything else. I’m just mainly looking for a passion, really.”

Over the years, Brosha said he has always wanted to contribute to the ongoing youth mentorship program taken on by the Frozen Eyes Photographic Society, but was limited by travel. With this mentorship, he’ll be able to assist someone from anywhere around the globe over email and Skype.

While he says he is still learning, himself, he hopes to impart the valuable lessons he’s learned from mentors of his own over the past decade, which have allowed him to travel around the world and fulfill the dreams of his inner artist.

“I’ve met some fantastic people and people who have been so inspirational to me. They’ve really helped me in every step of my own career. If I can even have 10 per cent of that impact on somebody else, it would be a pretty cool thing,” he said.

For the hundreds of people who submit but aren’t selected, Brosha said no contest should dissuade them from pursuing their dreams.

“I find most of the people out there in any field that are successful find a way to make it work,” he said. “They love it so much that they can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Those interested in applying can contact Brosha at contactme@davebrosha.com.

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