Snowking reaches higher for 19th annual Snowcastle

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The Snowking has earned his crown once again this year by building the biggest Snowcastle around.

With a central pentagon soaring 27 feet of ice into the sky, there isn’t much competition for the King’s famous Snowcastle, which has drawn thousands of visitors to its frozen doors since it opened Mar. 1.

Perched on a stool made of ice with his thermos of coffee set on an ice-block table in the main room of the snow castle, the Snowking, the alias of Yellowknifer Anthony Foliot, told The Journal that snow has always been in his blood.

Foliot said he can remember growing up in the streets of Yellowknife and playing in the snow after school with neighbourhood youth. Nearly two decades ago, Foliot made the leap from playing in the snow to building a place for everyone to enjoy the fluffy white stuff.

The Snowcastle has since become part of the collective Yellowknife conscience, Foliot explained, pausing to take a photo with two local children at the request of their mother.

Foliot said he has a large team of snow carvers and builders behind him each year, including Snow Joe, Avalanche Kid, Baron Von Blizzard and Lady Frida Frost.

“I’m very fortunate to have that corporate memory behind me. It would be a real drag to have to teach new people every year. It’s a very innovative group,” he said.

This is the 19th year the Snowking has built his snowy domain, and as the month-long Snowking Winter Festival wraps up, he’s already thinking about next year’s 20th anniversary castle.

“It’s got to be bigger and better than ever,” he said.

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