Peel River Jamboree marks spring in Fort McPherson

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The 56th annual Peel River Jamboree in Fort McPherson kicked off with a feast last Friday afternoon at the Johnny D. Charlie complex hall.

Games like hot potato and flour packing were held until the $10,000 bingo at 8:00 p.m., and resumed afterward until early in the morning. A dance wasn’t held as the community was observing Lent.

Saturday events at Happy’s Landing on the Peel River included a rifle shoot competition, mixed games and men’s and women’s snowmobile races. That evening, a talent show was held at Chief Julius School to a packed house.

The jamboree concluded on Sunday with a dog race, church service, snowshoe races and open class cross-country snowmobile races. Closing ceremonies were held at the complex.

The jamboree was dedicated to the ongoing “Protect the Peel” campaign, calling for more environmental protection of the Peel watershed, as well as past community club member Mary Teya and elders Mary and Peter Kay. Mary Ann Robert and Herbie Snowshoe were crowned king and queen.

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