Tell our government to side with science

Tell our government to side with science

Editor: Have you heard of flupyradifurone? Probably not… It’s a word that may soon be in the news, alongside bee-killing neonicotinoids (AKA “neonics”).

Flupyradifurone has a lot in common with neonics. This new pesticide is a nerve poison and Health Canada states it may pose a risk to bees, birds and small mammals.

While dithering over neonics (more than a year after Europe banned them), the federal government is now proposing to give flupyradifurone the green light.

Enough is enough. Let’s ban neonics and put the brakes on flupyradifurone before giant multinational chemical companies use our fields, waterways and bees as a testing ground for potentially harmful pesticides.

Canadians are done with the federal government’s “kill bees first, ask questions later” approach to regulating pesticides.

Please join us in asking Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) to get serious about addressing the concerns with neonics and related pesticides like flupyradifurone.

Join us in telling the PMRA not to kill the bees!

Lisa Gue
Researcher and Analyst
David Suzuki Foundation

Guest Author

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