Inuvik comes through for Vancouver visitors

Inuvik comes through for Vancouver visitors

Hello Inuvik, Thank you so much to all of you for your support and help in finding our camera that we had lost soon after arriving to Inuvik

Shortly after we discovered our loss, we decided to lunch at lovely Alestin’s Café where “tea and the smiles will always be free.” Pam and her husband must have realized we were down and started chatting with us. So, we decided to share the story about our loss. As soon as we told them, Pam reached for her iPhone and posted the information on the Buy and Sell Inuvik website. And then she said encouragingly, “Don’t worry. Inuvik is a community like no other. We take care of each other. You will find your camera. I just know it.”

We heard the same mantra from many others. Bryce at Nova Inn told us the very same thing and offered incredible help and encouragement. Many others offered help, great smiles and unwavering trust in the community; the lady at the post office, the manager at Rexall Drugs, the North Mart security man, the policeman – to mention just a few.

Two weeks after we came back home we received a call from Nova Inn informing us that Charlotte found the camera. What a joy! We felt as if we won a lottery ticket! The saga ended with a happy end. We received our camera back. It still had a memory card with all the memories we stored there while treking the Chilkoot Trail immediately before our trip to the Arctic.

Thank you again for your warm hearts, open arms and big smiles!

In the cold Arctic you make your community the warmest in Canada.

Barb and Mike
Vancouver, BC

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