Sincere thanks for all who worked on Hickey Gone Wrong

Sincere thanks for all who worked on Hickey Gone Wrong

Editor, On behalf of myself, I’d like to thank the following people for working so hard to create Fort Smith magic on film with Hickey Gone Wrong, which premiered at the Rec Centre on September 12th, 2015:

  • Ann Lepine, Associate Producer and angel investor
  • The Town of Fort Smith
  • Cynthia White and the rest of the Fort Smith Rec Centre staff
  • Northwestern Air Lease
  • Western Arctic Moving Pictures
  • Barkley Heron
  • Michel Labine and family.
  • John, thank you for letting us use your truck for the shoot!
  • Rapid Corner Store
  • Kaeser’s Foods
  • Ronnie and Cindy Schaefer for the amazing food

Our incredible actors:

  • Ryanna Bourke
  • Daniel Wiltzen
  • Dougie Meidl
  • Callum McCarney

Our hilarious cameo actors:

  • Brad Brake
  • Lucy Tulugarjuk
  • Kim Lusty
  • Jason Saliga
  • Bob Rhodes
  • Kayla Tulugarjuk

We want to thank our crew:

  • Producer: the fabulous Carla Ulrich!
  • Director: Jay Cardinal Villeneuve
  • Cinematographer/Camera & Editor: Damien Eagle Bear
  • Sound: Travis Mercredi


  • Kayla Tulugarjuk
  • Riley Fryer
  • Matthew Bird
  • Christian Villeneuve
  • Kole Laviolette
  • Faith Sanspariel


  • Peter Daniels from the Dept. of Municipal and Community Affairs
  • Boris Atamanenko at the Dept. of Education, Culture and Employment

Mahsi cho, everyone!

We could not have made this incredible and hilarious movie without you!!

Richard Van Camp
Edmonton, AB

Guest Author

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