Time to re-tool our relationship with the living world

Time to re-tool our relationship with the living world

How can humanity create stability for planetary life and global civilization?

The world is meeting in Paris for the COP21 climate talks, while on a daily basis we hear of crises bearing down on the planet and civilization because of the gargantuan loss of planetary soils.

We know that humanity’s connection to soil goes back to beautiful old stories that speak of man being born from the soil, and then coming together making bricks to build cities through hard work and cooperation. Now we’ve discovered it’s possible that the complexity of civilization could be compromised and lost if we do not act to protect living soil. Naturally, our first instinctive response is to find a new tool or technology to help us address this unexpected challenge and danger.

Using tools is our single greatest talent. Our ability to master tools enabled us to become the dominant species very quickly. Unfortunately we have sparked an unanticipated environmental crisis, which now requires us to bring ecological balance to living on this planet if we wish to maintain the complexity of civilization.

How can we apply our highest natural talent of tool-use to quickly bring solutions to this generation and save civilization?

We must find a new tool or do something really new and evolve our understanding of tools!

It’s time to recognize the pattern and principles of tool use and expand it to include working with biology and the natural world.

A new chapter is before us, one that is calling humanity to advance and expand our tool pouch to realize we can have a productive interchange with natural systems in purposeful ways so we can influence weakened ecosystems to boost their revival. We can replicate the historical pattern of human productivity with tools by understanding that with the same deliberation we can work with ecosystem processes and leverage them to amplify the efficacy and boost various regenerative plant and animal life processes. It’s time for us to understand that our relationship with the natural world can be a living tool that we can consciously apply to foster regeneration.

As we learn to use this new living tool, the first bricks needed are ones made of living soil so that a healthy, vibrant, global civilization can thrive.

This is the most urgent and vital of work now tasked to humanity, to begin regenerating the layer of living soil on our beautiful garden planet and forever be part of the miracle of life on it.

It’s time for everyone to learn about soil! Add your voice to spread the understanding about the amazing value of soil by signing our Soil Manifesto being presented at the Paris COP21! http://savory.global/soilforclimate.

Jackie Milne is the executive director of the Northern Farm Training Institute in Hay River.

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