White Girl: Here comes the sun, it’s all right

White Girl: Here comes the sun, it’s all right

The film crew has got it; cords of music begin to fill the empty spaces.

Music is making the room brighter, we have never heard this song before,  “du dn du du,”  “it’s been a long, long, lonely winter.”  They begin the song from the beginning and hit the volume for us. These guys are very groovy, they like kids.

Once again the music of the Beatles fills the room, it is loud enough that it fills our ears, it vibrates on our skin. “Here comes the Sun, du dn du du, here comes the sun.” Oh My God, here comes the sun! Breaking in shattered rays through the wire mesh diamonds that cover the windows, the warm coloured gold shafts of light throw glowing lines across our faces and over the floor and walls.  A collective ah-h-h-h-h is heard above the music, the film crew looks at us in wonder.

Wide-eyed we look back at the film crew.  Our collective group takes an instinctive step backwards. What kind of magic is this? Most of the crowd begins to laugh, some of the kids who are recently off the land aren’t sure that there is not some magic going on. Beautiful golden light fills the room; faces light in smiles… “DU DN DU DU, HERE COMES THE SUN, IT’S ALRIGHT!”  Our voices boom out this part of the song, always ready to dance, kids break into a jig dancing to George Harrison’s song, “DU DN DU DU,” rattles the rafters. The film crew watches us in amazement, their faces split into huge smiles.  These kids are high on sunshine!

It is gone, so sad, the sun drops below the rock. The music dies away as everyone has to get back to serious once again.  Our teachers ring the bell and the film crew begins another round of  “check, check.” Our hearts are light as we return to class.  Such magic, our first sight of the sun in so long, arrives riding the waves of a Beatles song.  We decide that we really like the Beatles. We need to get some of their music.

Every day we see fifteen more minutes of the life giving golden globe.  There is no heat in the glorious rays, but the light fills your mind and makes you walk with less weight. Everyone smiles in the sunshine.


Northern Journal

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