• The time of Senate  reckoning is at hand

    The time of Senate reckoning is at hand0

    The stench emanating from the Senate is unbearable. As if the sense of entitlement and extravagance fueled by taxpayer money were not bad enough, it is obvious from the Mike Duffy court case and the way the Senate handles legislation that it is at best a pawn of the ruling Conservatives.

  • Truth, reconciliation  and beyond

    Truth, reconciliation and beyond0

    The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) has, over the last several years, revealed the extent and depth of atrocities committed as part of the colonial subjugation of indigenous peoples in Canada by Europeans; how heinously that was manifest in our country over the last 200 years. Such practices in today’s world would be considered criminal. Canadians should rightfully feel shame and remorse for that black period of our history.

  • The compelling case to control and manage pot

    The compelling case to control and manage pot0

    Police said the bikers involved in the shootout in Waco Texas last week were criminal gangs involved in selling drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamines. Marijuana is the cash crop. Marijuana also got the Mexican drug cartels started over 70 years ago and remains a mainstay of their business today, as they overflow the US border and reach their tentacles into Canadian cities.

  • The advent of the new non-petro economy

    The advent of the new non-petro economy0

    We will soon leave the petroleum-based economy behind. The new economy is arriving, gradually, picking up speed, driven by the urgency of climate change, enhanced by stepping stone technological innovations that make the move away from carbon-based fuels not only possible, but attractive and economical.

  • Consensus government must be improved

    Consensus government must be improved0

    The Alberta election was a great example of the party system functioning as it should, a cornerstone of democratic reform and government renewal. The trouncing of the Alberta PCs by the NDP was about a tired, self-serving political dynasty getting the heave-ho, replaced by an alternate leader with new energy who captured the imagination and trust of the Alberta electorate.

  • The racial inequality tearing Baltimore apart thrives in Canada

    The racial inequality tearing Baltimore apart thrives in Canada0

    The lawless tumult plaguing Baltimore reveals once again the desperate situation in racially troubled America. The Civil Rights movement that gained momentum in the U.S. in the ‘50s and ‘60s culminated in the infamous Bloody Sunday during the march in Selma, Alabama, on Mar. 7, 1965. The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King in Memphis, Tennessee in April 1968 was a tragic end to all that. The whole world and most Americans hoped, even expected, that would have been the turning point. It wasn’t.


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