• The Who, What, Where & Why of Gardening – The Basics

    The Who, What, Where & Why of Gardening – The Basics0

    Who? Well to start out, that one is easy, everyone can garden. Your grand parents probably did, your parents might have from time to time, and you may be thinking about it, truthfully your kids can do it to. Gardening is an all inclusive hobby and an isolationists paradise all rolled into one. Are you looking for exercise and a reason to get either yourself or someone else you can force to get off the coach and go outside. Well boys and girls, ladies and gents gardening just might be your kinda game. It takes a while to get things going but there is no limits big or small to the potential joy and self fulfillment that gardening can offer.

  • Installing your home gravity-fed rainwater irrigation system

    Installing your home gravity-fed rainwater irrigation system0

    It’s not too late to start a garden. Considering public focus on environmentally friendly products and sustainability, I’ve built myself a gravity-fed rainwater irrigation system. It only cost $200, but there are ways to build them for free. This article is a D.I.Y. instructional service journalism piece for the gardening blog, intended to inform readers on how to construct a garden-sized rainwater irrigation system from the hardware store, or make a small-scale model for free using household objects.

  • It’s International Compost Awareness Week!

    It’s International Compost Awareness Week!0

    May 5-11 is international compost awareness week.

  • Dirt-poor vegetables: Bring life back to soil with worms

    Dirt-poor vegetables: Bring life back to soil with worms0

    Are vegetables these days less rich in nutrients? In the North, it’s common to get some tomatoes or carrots from the grocery store and wonder, ‘where did the flavour go?’, but I’ve begun to realize that it’s not just Northern grocery stores – vegetables grown all over have declined in proteins, vitamins and minerals according to a study from the University of Texas.

  • Composting for beginners made easy

    Composting for beginners made easy0

    Budding backyard gardeners could save money and help the environment by adding a simple composter to their yards, according to Shannon Ripley, an environmental scientist at Ecology North.

  • Green thumbs abound in Northwest Territories

    Green thumbs abound in Northwest Territories0

    Budding farmers across the Northwest Territories are greening their thumbs as they look to local gardening initiatives for greater self-sufficiency and reduced grocery costs.


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