• Shhhhhhhhhh – We’re not supposed to know about this

    Shhhhhhhhhh – We’re not supposed to know about this0

    Governments that ride their economies like a one-trick pony do so at their peril. For nine years the Harper Conservatives rejected economic diversity in favour of padding the nest for big oil and corporate interests and when the downturn hit in 2008, Canada bled like a stuck pig – and here we are today, struggling.

  • Possible outcomes in the next federal election

    Possible outcomes in the next federal election0

    Stephen Harper rode a wave of prosperity for the last five years while most of the rest of the world suffered during a worldwide recession. A booming economy fueled by high oil prices and Canadian banks that thrived while many others failed (thanks to regulations set down by former Liberal finance ministers) together made Harper look great.

  • Open letter to Stephen Harper

    Open letter to Stephen Harper0

    Dear Mr. Prime Minister: We are very concerned about the changes being made by the federal government, whereby more and more scientists who work in our national “public” service are not allowed to speak about their work to the public and the media, and an ever-growing layer of “communications” staff has been created to control what they are allowed to say.

  • PCs renew  41-year reign

    PCs renew 41-year reign0

    Alberta opted to extend the Progressive Conservatives’ 41-year run by another four years instead of giving the up-and-coming Wildrose Party a chance at governing the province as was predicted in pre-election polls.

  • Environment Canada to purge 60 scientists

    Environment Canada to purge 60 scientists0

    Sixty scientists with Environment Canada received notice that their jobs are “surplus” as of Jan. 11, confirming Minister Peter Kent’s announcement last August that 776 department positions would meet the chopping block due to the Conservative government’s belt-tightening.

  • The happiest person in Canada in 2011

    The happiest person in Canada in 20110

    While the world was captivated with the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan and enthralled as one Middle Eastern country after another was being swept up in the Arab Spring, what was going on in Canada?


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