• Our world is changing, action is needed

    Our world is changing, action is needed0

    Why are our rivers so low, what is happening to our water and what does that mean for the future? Each year there is a spring flood in April. The snow drains from the land in spring and supercharged streams fill their banks, turn into small rivers and together rush toward lower ground, becoming waterways in their journey to the sea. Rivers peak, pushing out the ice, then run swollen and dirty well into May.

  • Mercury contaminating caribou lichen on Arctic coast

    Mercury contaminating caribou lichen on Arctic coast0

    A new study from the University of Alberta shows that the lichen eaten by caribou herds along the Arctic coast is being contaminated with mercury from the marine ecosystem.

  • From the House

    From the House0

    The Arctic environment is undergoing profound change. It is the new frontier in our modern age. We are witnessing the expansion of the activities of human interest over a shrinking natural environment. We are entering into a new climatic and geographic reality in the Arctic that is being pushed not only by the Nordic nations, but by countries far from the North Pole.

  • Critical time for good Arctic choices

    Critical time for good Arctic choices0

    The appointment of Leona Aglukkaq, MP for Nunavut, to chair the Arctic Council on behalf of Canada for the next two years is good for Inuit, good for women and good for the North. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has certainly pushed some hot buttons there. We feel, however, that choice was a grievous error in judgement.


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