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Folk on the Rocks announces 2015 lineup Yellowknife summertime festival celebrates 35th anniversary Tuesday April 21 2015 15 ARTS CULTURE FOLK ON THE ROCKS Papa I love and miss you. You are my best friend. I want to make you a carrot cake. Your grandson Mason Love and miss you. It has been a year already since you left us It seems like just yesterday you were here with us. The moment that you died My heart was torn in two One side filled with heartache The other died with you. I often lie awake at night When the world is fast asleep and Take a walk down memory lane With tears upon my cheeks. Remembering you is easy I do it every day. But missing you is heartache That never goes away. I hold you tightly within my heart And there you will remain. Until the joyous day arrives That we will meet again. Love you now and will love you always Your wife Judy In Loving Memory of Dad He never looked for praises He was never one to boast He just went quietly working For the ones he loved the most. His dreams were seldom spoken His wants were very few And most of the time his worries Went unspoken too. He was there a firm foundation Through all our storms of life A sturdy hand to hold on to In times of stress and strife. A true friend we could turn to When times were good or bad One of our greatest blessings The man that we call Dad. Miss you Kelsey and Trent In Loving Memory Charles W. HeronAug. 12 1952-April 21 2014 By DALI CARMICHAEL InhonourofFolkontheRocksFOTR35th anniversarytheYellowknifesummertimefesti- val has announced a lineup stacked with local nationalandinternationalaward-winningtalent. Atthesold-outFOTRSpringThawconcerton Apr.11organizersrevealedAlbertacroonerDan Manganasthisyearsheadliner.Abouttwothirds of the full line up have been announced so far. Were very happy with how the lineup is panning out said executive director David Whitelock at the FOTR helm for his second year now. From all across Canada were get- ting feedback saying Wow this is well done youve got a great lineup. Well just keep our ngers crossed that the bad res stay away. JoiningManganontheFOTRstagesareJuno winnersLeelaGildayaDenefanfavouritewho hailsfromtheNWTandTanyaTagaqanInuit experimental throat singer from Nunavut who took home this years prestigious Polaris Prize for her recent album Animism after gaining international recognition through previous collaborations with Icelandic musician Bjork. Keeping with the Northern talent the Yukon-based Dakhk Khwan Dancers tra- ditional inland Tlingit dance group will be performing a combination of traditional drumming song and dance for festival-goers. Other high-caliber performers include alt- country star Corb Lund with his backup band The Hurtin Albertans and Grammy-nomi- nated Afro-Cuban funk band PALO. Some up-and-coming talent hitting the FOTR stage include the Fungineers Shred Kelly The West Secrets The Funk Hunters Sarah McDougal Terra Lightfoot and Mary Caroline. Organizers pride themselves on having a festival with a variety of sounds from diverse backgrounds.Thisyear38percentofperform- ers booked so far are women a high rate com- paredtootherfestivalsaccordingtoWhitelock. We have a matrix that we look at in terms of what were trying to achieve and present to the public Whitelock said. Rather than just be known for world music or indie music or whatever because we are so geographically displaced as a city and this is the only big summer festival in the region we have to try and serve as many of our public as possible. One of the best ways he saw t to do this was to embrace the powerful female and in- digenous performers living in the territory. I just think its a really amazing thing that from the North weve got some really amazing female performers and we should be singing from the mountain tops at how amazing that thing is. Its the same with Ab- original participation as well. We had a really strong indigenous representation last year and I think weve got eight again this year. Whitelock also wants to make the festival more welcoming to families. Parents can expect a revamped childrens area more re- moved from the main stage to protect little ear drums and with more space to run around and play to whatever beat is pounding on stage. Accomplishing that goal would only be one check off his to-do list. In the long term we would like to do a lot of thingsWhitelocksaid.Wehaveadreamleast of70000worthofimprovementsandcapital expenditurethatreallyneedstobedowntothe site to bring it up to standards. It takes a while to raise that kind of money Ill probably start to source those funds in third or fourth year. At the end of the day all the work is about enhancing the experience of live music for audiences and musicians alike. For me its just bringing focus to what folk is holistically he said. Its not about any- thing else other than that and as long as we can keep our focus on diversity and inclusion benchmarked with great artistic output then well be good to go. The festival will run at its usual site on the shores of Long Lake the weekend of July 17. Early bird ticket sales will start on Apr. 23 and end on May 10. FOTR is still looking to hire a festival ad- ministrator and volunteer coordinator both of which are paid positions over the sum- mer. They are also recruiting for their army of Folkin volunteers. For more information head to Dan Mangan Blacksmith will be headlining the 35th annual Folk on the Rocks festival.