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Tuesday April 28 2015 5 COLUMNS 15 Years Ago... Simpson dumps NTPC Fort Simpson has awarded the contract for its com- munity power generation to Jupiter Power of Calgary a job that has been done by the NWT Power Corp. for decades. The village council passed the motion at its meeting last Monday evening. Issue April 25 2000 20 Years Ago... Heritage Canada restructuring management A reorganization of Heritage Canadas management will mean the eradication of several Parks Canada of- ces across the North in the coming weeks. Under the new organization plan for Heritage Canada in the NWT Ken East director of the region will be stationed in Yel- lowknife along with a program coordinator for tourism and cost recovery fees. Issue April 26 1995 30 Years Ago... Interprovincial Pipeline project reviewed A meeting of the NWT government to identify the so- cial environmental and economic issues of the Inter- provincial Pipeline IPL project in the North was held April 17 and 18 in Yellowknife. The meeting was also an assessment of the governments performance in the IPL project says Darryl Bohnet chairman of the meeting and territorial co-ordinator for the IPL project. Issue April 25 1985 ARCHIVES Northern Journal 2015 Join us online Like Northern Journal on Facebook and get the weekly news delivered to your feed FACEBOOK FEEDBACK As Fort Smiths unofcial ambassador or at least biggest fan Richard Van Camp never returns to his hometown without bringing a few gifts for his friends family and elders. Van Camp visit lled with gifts and surprises Patricia Sepp Shanna Schaefer Jonathan Bird Roger Vcw Teri Van Limbeek Sandra Wilson Shari Ol- sen Mary Summers Sandi Beamish Dannell Johnston and MaryKei Fournier like this. Folk on the Rocks announces 2015 lineup Duane Randhile likes this. By DAWN KOSTELNIK How do these people set snares with no trees My new school sits on top of one of the many rounded rock hills that form slight denitions in the endless miles that make up our backyard. Our house is sitting on some type of pil- lar off the ground. Weird one side of the house is wrapped andbankedinsnowtheother side is barren and rocky. Black is the contrast in the never-ending white. Further up past the school I can see many boxy houses there is not a lot of colour from where Istand.Roundedrocksonthe hills have been swept clean of snow and show faces of black smooth stone. Even the snow is strange. I can walk anywhere that I like and not sink up to my knees. Snowshoes would be useless here. Snow banks and the snow in general are hard andwindswept.TheBombar- dier with all of its weight barely dents the surface of the snow. Blocks of snow are carved easily with a long knife and stacked to create porches in front of doorways that act as Arctic entries to keep snow and wind out of houses. These porches also allow you to dig your way out if you are buried after a whiteout. You can break through a snow porch and get out. People begin to arrive up to welcome us. Everyone shakes hands and smiles lots I am nervous who can smile that much My red In- dian parkie creates a stir and a crowd of young girls forms around me. There is much touching and patting of my red stroud parkie. They trace the embroidered ow- ers with many ngers and I am not liking this. OwWhatwasthat Again I feel the sting. It feels like a really bad bee sting. I look into the faces that are way too close to my face there is no change in any of the ex- pressions that are up close and too personal. Again the bee bites I dont inch this time. Again they bite and again. I stare right back so this is how it will be. The strange sounding chat- ter dies down and the girls begin to back away. I cant understand what they are saying but I know that the next few months are going to be rough ones. When I un- dress that night I have little black bruises covering my arms and legs where I have been pinched. P.S. How can a Northern story be told without hav- ing a discussion about honey bucketsOuthousescouldnot be dug this far north in the permafrost if you could nd dirt as the rock is obviously too hard. So hail the bucket While under construction the year before last the Cap- tain installed an indoor toilet for me on Valentines Daydo you remember what you got on Valentines Day two years ago It was a cold year that year I was very happy and I remember it still. White Girl The Edge of the World Sober thoughts Waking up from our stupor By CARIBOU LEGS What is a sober thought A sobering thought wakes you up and gets your attention quickly. In other words it is a thought that has a big or surprising impact on some- thing you had not thought of before or puts something in a completely different light. A good example of a sober- ing thought is the needless violence towards women. A sobering thought is cuts to education housing and mental health programs. Sobering thoughts are all around us. We dont have to walk far to recognize a so- bering thought. When we sober up from drinking or drugging that is like saying we are coming to our senses and waking up from our stu- por. It forces you to take ac- tion and seize the moment in a good way. It forces us to re-invent ourselves and change our beliefs. It forces us to look into diversity and seek better outcomes. I recently was levelled with a sobering thought What if I became seriously ill or plagued with an injury that took away my running for good Thats sobering. As a result I learned to be more careful avoid stressful think- ing when Im running a race or even just training because Im prone to act in a careless manner when Im running dangerously close to the edge ofcliffshighwaysandpeople. In running marathons I tend toswerveinandoutofhuman trafc. Theres a mass start at the race and Im eager to get away fast and break free of the log jam in the early stages of a marathon. I dont need injury or to injure oth- ers when running Its about managingpersonal boundar- ies. Im grateful for the bless- ings of physical activity eat- ing healthy and getting fresh air experiences. In life much like the same asrunningamarathonIhave to be mindful of not running interference with people places and things. I have to respecttheboundariesofoth- ers regardless of race creed or sexual identication. Its a sobering thought to be mind- ful of others as we walk our lifes course and journey for celebration. Sometimes we find ourselves running in place struggling to get ahead simply because we forget to address some of the simple truths that govern our po- tential to make progress. A sobering thought without ac- tion is worth nothing. I was following the wrong people and was misinformed and misguided along the way. Their goals became my goals. I learned what stalled me fromprogresswhichis going outside and enjoying the great outdoors. Procrastina- tion. I put off my routines by watching too much TV. I am clearly addicted to the com- puter screen as well. I was getting programmed by un- natural devices in place of natural things like the wind air sun rain trees and ani- mals. Today I seek a healthy balanceofindoorandoutdoor activities. These sobered me up and awakened my spirit to live in a good way. Takingactionandchoosing better situations for myself seems to sober me up from being motionless. It moti- vates me to get off the couch and express my true inward identity the ways of my an- cestors. A peaceful way of life without the drama of todays hustle bustle and bling bling. Caribou Legs is a Gwichin ultra-marathon runner who teaches youth about addic- tionandmentalhealthissues.