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Tuesday May 26 2015 7 Wasting 180 Million Doesnt Make Cents The Numbers Dont Add Up Delivering real electricity savings is impossible when you are paying off 180 million of debt. You will pay through increased taxes and fees. Money Is Better Spent The money would be much better invested in Healthcare Housing Education and Roads for our territory. It amounts to 4000 for every man woman and child Putting First Nations Last Representing 27 Dene First Nations of the NWT Denendeh Investments Incorporated has been an owner of Northland Utilities for nearly 30 years. Putting First Nation companies out of business is wrong. No Consumer Watchdog By closing down the Public Utilities Board there will be nobody left to protect you when the government increases electricity rates. NWT Is Closed To Business Northland Utilities has served and invested in the Northwest Territories for more than 60 years. Why would anyone open a business in the NWT when the government is spending your tax dollars to close one Some NWT Government members wrongly say they can reduce electricity rates by spending 180 million to take over Northland Utilities and eliminate your Public Utilities Board watchdog. The truth is you will end up paying much much more. Stop the Waste Please phone email or write your MLA and ask them to look at the real solution. To nd their contact information visit There is a Real Solution 1 2 3 Develop a partnership between Northland Utilities and NTPC merge operations and create one efcient organization. Make rates fair and equitable by reducing the number of rate zones across the territory. Work together to develop a NWT energy strategy.