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F ort S mith pulls together af ter tragic car accid ent 8 Tuesday June 16 2015 NORTHERNERS FUNDRAISERS FEATURING ARTISTS SUCH AS ELDER MARY CARDINAL A TRIBE CALLED RED VERONICA JOHNNY JASON BURNSTICK THE JOHNNYS ART NAPOLEON STATE OF THE ART K.A.S.P. ASICI ELDER WINSTON WUTTUNEE GERALD AND GERRY POITRAS ISKWEW SINGERS DOMINIC ABRAHAM NORTHERN CREE JORDANN POITRAS MINA KELCEY PIERROT The NWT Cree Language Program gratefully acknowledges the financial contribution from the Department of Education Culture and Employment of the Government of the Northwest Territories. NEHIYAW NIKAMONAK OYOYOWAK OHCI NANASKOMOWIN CREE SONGSHOWLS FOR GRATITUDE E ducation Culture E conomic D evelopment AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD AT NEHIYAWEWIN.COM ON JUNE 21ST 2015 NATIONAL ABORIGINAL DAY MEKIWIN NIKAMONAK FREE ALBUM MIYO NEHIYAWEWIN KISIKAW HAPPY ABORIGINAL DAY OHCI FROM NWT CREE LANGUAGE PROGRAM MINA NWT MTIS NATION FEATURING ARTISTS SUCH AS NEHIYAW NIKAMONAK OYOYOWAK OHCI NANASKOMOWIN CREE SONGSHOWLS FOR GRATITUDE AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD AT NEHIYAWEWIN.COM ON JUNE 21ST 2015 NATIONAL ABORIGINAL DAY NIKAMONAK FREE ALBUM OHCI FROMOHCI FROM NWT CREE LANGUAGE PROGRAM MINA NWT MTIS NATION NWT Cree Language Program 133 Simpson Street Fort Smith NT 867 872-2770 NWT Cree Language Program B y M E AG AN W O H L B E R G ThecommunityofFortSmithshoweditstrue colourslastweekasthousandsofdollarsindo- nations piled in for the Lafferty family follow- ingatragicvehicleaccidentonSundayevening. BradLaffertyayoungmanfromFortSmith wasseriouslyinjuredwhenthecarhewasdriv- inglostcontrolhittheditchandrollednumer- oustimesthrowinghimfromthevehicle.Both he and his two passengers were transported to hospitalwhereLaffertyandoneofthepassen- gers was sent by medevac to Edmonton. Lafferty remains in critical condition at the Royal Alex andra Hospital where he has un- dergone numerous surgeries to his head neck and upper torso. Withinhoursoftheaccidentfamilyfriends and community members began cobbling to- getherfundstogivefinancialassistancetoBrads parentsLoisandSteveLaffertywhiletheyare in Edmonton at his bedside. Evenwithconcurrentfundraisingeffortsfor theRelayforLifethousandswerecollectedfor the Lafferty family through online auctions crowdfunding campaigns bake sales and bar- becues throughout town as well as similar fundraisers in Hay River Fort Resolution and even further north. Ramanda Sanderson is one of affertys friends in Fort Smith who helped coordinate some of the fundraising efforts including a bake sale and online auctions. She said those activities alone have raised around 20 0 0 for the Lafferty family. vebeenfriendswithBradgoingon10years himandhisfamilymeanalottomeandif cant bethereforthempersonallyIwanttobeableto do as much as I can for them here Sanderson said. We all dont want them to worry about anythingwhiletheyreinEdmontonbyhisside. Sandersonsaidtheresponsehasbeenamaz- ing but not unex pected. Being from such a small town no one ever hesitates to help in any way she said. I get calls daily for donations for 24-hour auctions andabout18peoplerespondedtothebakesale for donations. When hard times hit we are all in this together as a community. More than 1000 was also raised by a bot- tle drive coordinated by Fort Smith resident Jennifer Cheezie who was inundated with re- cyclables after an outpouring of support from peoplearoundthecommunitylastweekmany of whom also helped her pick up and sort the cans and bottles. We all did this because Brad is a true loyal friendCheeziesaid. Wecouldhavenotbeen able to do this if it was not for the communitys input. Love this town when bad things hap- pens here people pull together like a family. Most wanting to help out have turned to an online fundraising campaign called the Brad Lafferty come home fund which was started by his cousin Christy Woledge. As of Monday 7 7 people had raised over 45 0 0 in six days. Theaccidentoccurredatapprox imately7 3 0 p.m.onSundayJune7 onHighway5 justhalfa kilometresouthoftheP ineLakeRoadinAlberta. It was the second serious vehicle accident to occur over the weekend. A truck rolled on the morning of Saturday June5ontheMackenzieHighwayat104thAve. in Hay River. Thedriverwhowastheloneoccupantofthe truckwentofftheroadcrossingoverthecentre line and rolling into the ditch. The driver was seriously injured and transported by medevac to hospital in Edmonton for treatment. According to RCMP alcohol is believed to have been a factor in both collisions. These collisions have resulted in serious injuries for both the drivers and passengers said RCMP media liaison Cst. Elenore Sturko. With alcohol believed to have been a signifi- cant contributing factor these collisions were preventable. P lease do not drink and drive. Consume alcohol responsibly and encourage others to be responsible as well. Jennifer Cheez ie left and a group of v olunteers sort the more than 1000 in recycling raised to help the L afferty family. PhotoSandraJaque