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Tuesday July 14 2015 5 COLUMNS 15 Years Ago... Chip students learn work ethics For the sixth year in a row a unique project has put high school students to work in Fort Chipewyan. The project is called the SyncrudeSuncor Work Ethics Pro- gram. It takes students from the Athabasca Delta Com- munity School and puts them to work at various sites in the community. Issue July 11 2000 20 Years Ago... British High Commissioner in NWT The British High Commissioner Sir Nicholas Bayne presented a framed print to the Speaker of the Legislature Sam Gargan on behalf of the British government on July 5. Bayne was in the NWT on a personal visit retracing the steps of his ancestors who were here in fur-trading days. Issue July 12 1995 30 Years Ago... Indian Act amended Changes to the Indian Act ending discrimina- tion against Indian women as well as other forms of discrimination became law June 28. It is ex- pected between 2000 and 3000 people in the NWT will regain Indian status as a result of the change. Issue July 11 1985 ARCHIVES Northern Journal 2015 Join us online Like Northern Journal on Facebook and get the weekly news delivered to your feed FACEBOOK FEEDBACK Education got us into this mess and education will get us out of it stated Chief Wilton Littlechild a member of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission TRC during its closing ceremonies last month. Friendship Centres to ensure Aboriginal youth receive postsecondary education funding Eileen Norman Debora Heron and Ron Gwynne like this. While outdoors why not hit the streets and try out some of the best food the NWT has to offer Food trucks hit NWT roads in time for the summer Leslie-Anne HoopLa Chapman Bea Lepine and Melanie Kearley like this. By LONE SORENSEN Now July has arrived and most of the food plants in the gardens are coming along nicelyhereatLatitude62. The peaklighthoursofsolsticeand lots of bright sunshine makes things grow incredibly fast and sweet. Vegetables grown far north where we live have increased avour and sweet- ness - true story. With not more than a few teasing sprinkles of rain throughoutJunemanyhours ofwateringeverycoupleofdays have been an important task. Continuing to take good care of plants and help them grow better can be done by feeding them every one to two weeks throughoutthesummer.Some plants are more hungry than others. The broccoli cauli- owerandcabbagesespecially willbenetfromagoodgour- metmealintheformofaliquid organic fertilizer such as sh emulsion kelp and compost tea. Many organic liquid fer- tilizers can be bought online fromseedcompanieslikeWest Coast Seeds. It can also be or- deredthroughHomeBuilding Centre. I recommend prepar- ingwellaheadoftheseasonby having a medicine cabinet ready for your soil and plants even before planting that way you will always be ready to give a healthy boost to your plants if you can see that they arenotgrowingliketheycould or should. If you buy these products make sure to read the instructions so you will know how to mix it and use it. Makingyourowncomposttea isagoodgrowingstrategyand can be brewed any time after planting.Anytypeofcompost can be used for making tea - simply use a large bucket or trashcanwithoutleaksllwith compost and water. Stir well.Youcanaddafewspoons of sugar or syrup to it and this will help the good bacteria in the compost tea to grow. Let this tea sit for at least a few days before using. Mix into watering can using one part Gardening with Lone From seed to fork with healthy plants tea to 10 parts water. Sprinkle directly onto your plants and therootsaswellwiththistea. Withinafewdaysyouwilllikely notice how the plants are get- ting greener bigger and more vibrant looking. For weeks now my garden hasbeenprovidinggreensfor mytableandIamlookingfor- wardtohavingmoreandmore vegetables and herbs on my plate soon along with some good local whitesh. By now perhapsyourMesclunmixlet- tuceskalebutterlettucesand other types of lettuces might be ready for harvesting right into your salad bowl. By planting early either in a planter inside the house and moving it outside in late April orearlyMayIhaveharvested myrstfreshsaladsasearlyas May9intheYellowknifearea. Mesclun mix can be direct seeded into a planter or in the gardenanytimethroughoutthe springandsummer.Myfavou- rite is Zesty Mix from Veseys Seeds but also the Gourmet Mix from West Coast Seeds growswell.Therearehundreds oflettucemixesavailabletodo yourownexperimentsuntilyou ndsomethingyoureallylike. The key is to keep track of the namesvarietiesthatyougrow andwhereyouboughtthemso youcanrepeatthesamethingin thefuture.Ifyoulikemustard therearemanyexcellentmus- tard mixes that grow well too. Oncethelettucemixis2to3 inchestallgiveitashowerwith a watering wand in the morn- ingeldwashinganditwillbe fresh clean and ready to har- vestbyeveningfordinner.Bring yourscissorsandsaladbowlto thegardenorothercleancon- tainer. With one hand hold a handful of the lettuce while cutting evenly with scissors inch above the roots. This way it will grow right back for continuousharvestthroughout thesummer.Putitrightintothe saladbowlandbringittoyour dinner table There is nothing more satisfying than eating truly fresh from a garden that is grown with a caring heart. Lone Sorensen has lived and grown food in Yellow- knife for 27 years. By DAWN KOSTELNIK Black round rock faces es- capefrommonthsofimprison- ment below the ice and snow. Heat radiates back from the smooth rock mountain that provides thebackdropforthe tiny village of Coppermine located on the shores of the ArcticOcean.Smallhandses- cape from mittens and crowd togetheronthewarmdrysur- faceoftherockgigglesescape fromchildishlips.Intowinter wearypalmstheheatfromthe black stone creeps. The warmth carries with it memories of days without iti- gies parkies kamiks shoes and endless sunshine. We all look at each other and smile oureyesshiningitss-o-ogood to feel the heat with our little hands. There is energy from thenorthernspringsunIhave felt nowhere else in the world. It invigorates and warms past thesurfacecoveroflardywhite skin or the smooth pale ivory surfaceoftheInuk.Sunpours lifebackintolimbsandlightens mindsthathadgoneintodark winter hiding places. Overnight the solid cliffs andbanksofpackedsnowmelt and trickle toward the ocean. Streamsbegintorunwiththe tinkleoftinybellsthroughthe rottencandleice.Anindentin any surface becomes a pond and then a lake. We have a big indent behind our house rst wehadthepondnowwehave alakeinourbackyard.Thedog runishighenoughuptheslope thatourdogteamhavemudup totheirbelliesbutdonthaveto swim. They jump hard at the end of their chains wanting to escape and be wild. Puppiesappearfromunder houses and yip bravely and with enough force that they stagger on new legs. Such vi- cious little critters we pick themupandinhaletheirbaby smell a quick belly rub and they follow us everywhere. Gohomeyoubabiesgetback stay...stay. They dont listen. Our house sits above the ground on pilings. We have a honey bucket for a toilet but all of the grey water from the bathtubsinkandwashingma- chineemptyontothefrozendirt. Whenthebathtubisemptiedit ows warm to the earth. Ofcoursewehavepupsev- eryone has pups there are no vets so the dogs arent xed. Securing a female dog in heat isoftenimpossible.Our pup- pies have decided they prefer to crawl under the house and have a nap in the warm bath water it is nicer than the fro- zen ground by their house. Whimpersarecomingfrom somewhere.Whereintheheck are they Here puppies here puppies.Franticcries.Wewant to help but where are they Under here under here come look Whats wrong with them dogs Get out of there you guys come on we have grub for you. They are crying full out now. For goodness sakes what aretheydoingOnourbellies wecrawlunderthehouseand over to where they are lying. They howl with fear their motherishowlingforthemand thewholedoglineisjoiningin. What a noise its worse than feedingtime.Thesearescared puppiesyoucanhearitintheir cries. We reach over and try to pullthem.Theyarebeinghurt wehurtthembypullingonthem. Suchathinghowcrazyisthis We dont want to hurt them so westoppulling.Wedontknow whattodo.Whatdoyoumean thepuppiesarestuckunderthe house What have you kids done We didnt do nothin theyarejuststuckorsomething. They wont come out Oh for gods sake lets go see. We are lotssmallerthanmydadhecan hardlytunderthehousewith all of the ice build-up. To be continued... White Girl Bath Time