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Tuesday July 21 2015 5 COLUMNS 15 Years Ago... Anthrax outbreak discovered in Park Eighteen bison carcasses found in two locations in Wood Buffalo National Park last week have initially tested positive for anthrax. Both locations are east of the community of Garden River. Weve taken appropri- ate precautions in handling the bison Josie Weninger WBNPs eld unit superintendent said Monday morning. Issue July 18 2000 20 Years Ago... Bears causing concern Pine Lake a popular swimming and picnicking spot in Wood Buffalo National Park near Fort Smith has been the scene of an unusually high amount of bear activity this summer. Three bears have been trapped and relo- cated since June 29. Issue July 19 1995 30 Years Ago... Buffalo Airways in receivership Buffalo Airways is in serious nancial straits after a major client Exco Energy Ltd. of Calgary failed to pay its bills. The Bank of Commerce took over nan- cial responsibility for Buffalo and appointed a receiver- manager to operate the northern airline when an Exco cheque for 128000 bounced. Issue July 18 1985 ARCHIVES Northern Journal 2015 Join us online Like Northern Journal on Facebook and get the weekly news delivered to your feed FACEBOOK FEEDBACK The lake in the heart of Yellowknife has been dead so long residents likely forget that families used to swim and boat there during the summer and that First Nations once netted jacksh there from camps along the shore. Work underway to revive Yellowknifes Frame Lake Anthony Punko Great to see that work is being done to try and revive the lake. A bison found dead on the beach of Pine Lake late last month sparking concern among campers has tested negative for anthrax. Bison found dead at Pine Lake tests negative for anthrax Patricia Sepp Ronald Beaulieu and Miranda Haupt likes this. By ANEGLA SLADEN The summers heat often leaves us with not much of an appetite the need for more liquidsandreducedvitamins andmineralsinourbodiesbe- cause they are released in our sweat. Summeralsobringsus many varieties of lettuce the perfect antidote to the above summer conditions. Lettuce has been grown for thousands of years by many ancient peoples. It is con- sidered a medicinal food by many cultures and for good reason. Here are the main health benets of lettuce Lettuce is a great solution to a reduced appetite because it does not sit heavy in your tummy and you can eat a full plate without feeling stuffed. This is also great for those thatwanttolosesomeweight too. The calories in a full plate of salad is a fraction of the calories in a hamburger or small piece of steak. The reason lettuce does not sit heavy is because it is mainly made up of water approximately 95 per cent exactly what your body needs in the summer heat. A great rule of thumb for those who are watching their weight is to drink a glass of water when you begin to feel hungry. You may nd out you are actually only thirsty. The next rule of thumb is to eat some high water content vegetables lettuce being number one. Lettuce is a great anti-in- ammatory.Ifyousufferfrom arthritisoranysorejointslet- tuce will help to alleviate the swelling to allow healing. A bodycannothealinaninamed state. The rst step to healing is to reduce the swelling. Lettuce helps to keep your brainhealthybyhelpingtopre- serve the neurons that make upmemory. Thisalsohelpsto wardoffAlzheimers. Eatyour lettuce to keep your memory Ifyouhavetroublesleeping tryabigplateofsaladacouple hoursbeforebed. Lettucehelps you sleep as it acts as a seda- tive-ahealthyone. Ithelpsto decrease your heart rate and slowsbloodowwhichmakes youfeelmorerelaxedandcalm. Remember we mentioned that when you sweat you re- lease vitamins and minerals Lettuce is chock full of vita- min K vitamin A vitamin C and folate. It also has high levels of manganese potas- sium iron and calcium. Help keep summer colds away by eating lots of lettuce Lettuceisfullofantioxidants -particularlytheonesthatght certaintypesofcancer leuke- miaandbreastcancer.Lackof sunlightandthereforevitamin D have been linked to higher rates of leukemia. Also lack of darkness at night has been linkedtohigherlevelsofbreast cancer.Weexperiencemoreof both living in a Northern cli- mate. Lettuce will help ght these kinds of cancers. Finallylettucehelpsusfeel happier It is known to help reduce anxiety and also yeast infections. If youve ever had a yeast infection youll never want to have it again. Eat lots of lettuce and you will feel happier more energetic and not so sluggish Come let us eat lettucea food of the gods. Live well eat well and love well. AngelaSladenisanutrition- istandmemberoftheTahltan First Nation in northern B.C. Let us have lettuce By DAWN KOSTELNIK Our puppies warming themselves in the bath and laundry gray water that ows under our house have become frozen stuck to the ground. They are howling and crying frightened. The rest of the dogs staked nearby have joined in a chorus. Dad comes to the rescue trying to squeeze his big frame under the house to reach them. I dont believe this You kids run over to the shop and get a chisel and an axe and hammer. We deliver the tools in a jiffy the dogs con- tinue to howl and carry on too much noise One by one the pups emerge from under the house mufed chopping accentuated with goddamned puppies god- damned puppies continues on under the house until all six pups emerge smiling jumping and - clink clink Theymillaroundourlegsand runovertotheirmomyipping and barking accompanied by the clink clink sound. Clink clink we know where they go. Slabs of ice are frozen to their sides. They had a little nap in the bath water that was drained from our house when it was warm. As they slept the water-cooled and they froze into the ice. My dad is down under the house he has been down there a lot lately chopping- out the puppies. For sure you know what happens next my mom is in the bathtub and lets the bath water go in the tub my dad is under the house under the bath- tub drain lying on the fro- zen ground. DAMN could be heard EVERY WHERE We run over the snow banks howling with laugh- ter out of sight. Rolling on the ground we can hardly stand the pain in our stom- achs there could be nothing funnier. Then clink clink over the hill comes the pup- pies. Tears stream down our faceswearelaughingsohard puppies jump and lick our faces as we roll on the snow. Clink clink. In our backyard lake we oat on the winters garbage. My brother Joel has found some pieces of pallet and scrap wood that are his raft. With a pole he is maneuver- ing around the yard lake. He tentatively maintains his bal- ance. Water is four feet deep in some places and is the tem- perature of liquid ice. Soak- ing wet Kamiks shoes are heavy they have absorbed so much ice water that the cold wins and feet are frozen. We only have one pair of kamiks it takes days for them to dry so there is no choice but to put on gumboots. Black rubber gumboots with brick coloured soles are so very cold even if they are not wet. The teenagers are cool and roll down the tops of them. Hard cold rubber rubs against soft skin and leaves raw sores on the backs of legs. They hurt my feet. I have worn mukluks for years and the shape of the boot feels wrong. My legs and feet ache from the way they ght against the shape of my feet and the cold they attract. Small black plastic bag islands drift about in the deeper lakes and ponds caused by the spring thaw. Boys just need to do weird stuff they poke holes in the islands and raw sewage spills to mix with the oat- ing dog dung. These are the honey bucket bags that es- caped the honey wagon over the winter. Ah-h-h the smell of spring in the Arctic under it the scent of raw sewage the waft of diesel and gaso- line. Simply lovely. P.S. if it is your dog it is your dog poop...pick it up its really gross. White Girl Puppies kids puddles poo