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8 Tuesday September 8 2015 HOW LONG CAN YOU LAST WITHOUT PHONES AND INTERNET The loss of communications for a full day in Fort Smith last week could happen in most if not all NWT communities - including Yellowknife. The advent of fibre optic cables serving communities has enhanced communication speeds and volumes but it has also created a vulnerability. If the cable is severed all communications are cut off - telephone cellular service and Internet. We are all so dependent on those connections to the outside world their loss means digitalized debit and credit till transactions in stores wont function. Productivity is lost in most offices agencies and gov- ernment departments. Everyone needs Internet to carry out their daily duties. Without it everything we do grinds to a halt. We can put some functions on hold for a day or two but others like medical services or emergency transportation can be mission critical and banking and food supplies cannot be withheld for long. The severed line in Fort Smith was caused by a sinkhole which tore apart the cable. It was repaired quickly so that the community was only without communications and access to data for one working day. Consider if it had been a raging wildfire that had burned through the cable and repair crews could not get near enough to repair the break or some other natural phenomenon like a flood or lightning strike. It is possible that an outage could stretch into several days. In a case like that in your community would your business or agency be negatively impacted What would the cost be in lost services revenue or profit If you would like to avoid this impact CasCom has the solution - an affordable secondary source of Internet and communications via satellite that can be activated when required. We utilize the newest satellite connected technology available to provide high speed connections. CasCom has specialized in providing communications solutions to industry and government working in remote areas throughout Northern Canada for a decade. Those packages tailored to the specific needs of your business or agency are the perfect backup solution standing by ready when needed. Both Internet and telephone connections are provided that are robust and reliable. Once installed the subscription can be kept active for a small monthly fee ready for immediate use in an emergency. Contact us to talk about a back-up communications and data solution that is right for you.