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Yellowknife could be ideal host for Syrian refugees 6 Tuesday September 15 2015 JUSTICE REFUGEES 15092CE0 Federal election day is Monday October 19. Make sure youre ready to vote. Check your voter registration if youve recently turned 18 never voted before moved recently You can check and update your registration online at With an up-to-date registration youll get a personalized voter information card that tells you when and where to vote faster service at the polls If you cant use our online service or if you have questions call us at 1-800-463-6868 TTY 1-800-361-8935. Elections Canada has all the information you need to be ready to vote. Are you registered to vote on October 19 Continued from page 1. McLeod also encouraged residents to donate to international humanitarian or- ganizations supporting refugees includ- ing the United Nations High Commis- sioner for Refugees the Canadian Red Cross Lifeline Syria UNICEF and Save the Children Canada. It was good to see that statement come from the premiers ofce Heyck noted. I reached out to him to have a conversation about how we might work together. From our citys perspective Yellowknife has some advantages in this regard. Were a very multicultural city and weve seen through the decades successive waves of immigra- tion some refugees some just regular im- migrants but I think from that perspective of having so many different cultures in the community it makes us not only suitable but perhaps an ideal place to try to resettle refugee families. Aiming to do more Many provinces and communities have already announced that they will be opening their doors to additional refugees this year. Early last week the Alberta government announced it would provide 75000 in im- mediate funding in support of the Canadian Red Cross response to Europes migration and refugee crisis. The province said it would also match donations made by Al- bertans to a maximum of 75000 to pro- vide refugees and migrants with essential relief items such as food clothing water hygiene and medical assistance. Addition- ally Alberta pledged 100000 to Alberta- based settlement agencies to help refugees who settle in the province. The GNWT is currently exploring other ways it can lend its support to the interna- tional movement. Because we do not already have a role in refugee settlement services the Northwest Territories is exploring other ways we may be able to help reads the statement from McLeod. We are talk- ing to other provinces and territories about what they are doing and what their settlement programs entail and we are talking to our federal partners about what other opportunities exist for our territory. PhotoSarahReaburn Yellowknifers showed their support for displaced Syrians at a rally Sept. 6.