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Tuesday September 22 2015 5 COLUMNS 15 Years Ago... Airport retrot A retrot to the Sachs Harbour Airport will go ahead thanks to 1.6 million in funding from the federal De- partment of Transport GNWT Minister of Transport Vince Steen has announced. The Sachs Harbour Airport was constructed in 1978 and has only received annual operations and maintenance care since. Issue September 19 2000 20 Years Ago... Admin team no-show at Chip school School was already underway when the Athabasca Delta Community School learned the principal and vice- principal they were expecting from down south had de- cided not to ll their positions. The husband and wife team waited until part-way through the rst week of school to notify the Northland School Board that they had decided not to move to Fort Chipewyan after all. Issue September 19 1995 30 Years Ago... Lumber industry to get 72000 Incentives will be provided to NWT lumber produc- ers to increase their harvest and construct roads to new timber and to encourage domestic retailers to purchase home-grown lumber in the off season. The NWT uses 25 million board feet of lumber per year but the domes- tic lumber industry provides only about one-fth of it. Issue September 19 1985 ARCHIVES Northern Journal 2015 Join us online Like Northern Journal on Facebook and get the weekly news delivered to your feed FACEBOOK FEEDBACK NWT responds to Syrian refugee crisis Eileen Norman I am deeply saddened and sickened by how shallow many people are in Canada how easily they are inuenced by the racist fearmongering of our government and many opinions pieces in the media and for sure - the absolutely disgusting comments from uninformed frightened uneducated people on social media. Please - educate yourselves on what is happening in the Middle East educate yourselves on where YOUR an- cestors came from and what drove them to nd refuge in Canada. Educate yourself about the many commu- nities in Canada where there are people different from yourselves Vietnamese Ukrainians South Americans Muslims and yes - even the once reviled Irish and how these refugees have contributed to our country. In 1956 we welcomed almost 40000 of the 200000 Hungar- ian refugees who escaped that country although you would never know it from the way they themselves are now reacting to helping others. Educate yourself on the statistical future of Canada our low birth rate the number of people per square mile the statistics of how many excellent doctors nurses engineers teachers and small businesses we depend on who come from these countries - especially the Middle East Companies who employ Canadians of all races and religions. I had no idea how many bigoted people there are in this country - thank goodness Donald Trump is not run- ning here. We have a close enough facsimile of the Re- publican Party in ofce already and it aint pretty. How very fortunate we are in this country that we have never been bombed our children and family killed and maimed. We sit and yawn on our couches and wonder what we will cook for dinner while we watch the news videos of bombed out streets and smoking buildings with people wandering through the rubble - like its a video game. We rush our babies into the outpatient room at the lo- cal nursing stationhospital because they have a fever. Imagine if your babys leg was blown off and the hospital no longer exists Give your heads a shake count your blessings and imagine yourself in their shoes. I dont know anybody who would venture out with their children to cross Great Slave Lake in a crowded rubber raft much less pay for the privilege with their last savings. How awful it must be to have to make that choice and to think crossing an ocean in one of those is better than staying where you are. By DAWN KOSTELNIK Itdoesnttakemuchtoopen thebag.Thereisnowrapping papertobeboughtanywhere andheisadad.Insideissome- thingwhiteandheavy. Ipullit out of the bag it weighs a ton itishugeabigwhiteblanket There is not much denition to it. Oh OK I see a hood and arms it is some type of par- kie very different. It is from the Eastern Arctic they have a different style of parka in the east the hood is very big with a funny point at the top. Thereisnozipperanditcomes down longer in the back than thefrontbutthefrontreaches to my knees. It is huge I will have to tie a rope around the waisttomakeitt. Everypart of it is white very white. How do I keep this clean My father has a big smile on his face do you like it he asks with happiness in his voice. Oh Daddy I love it What can I say He is so very happy. I wanted something that wasnt green I now have a parkie that is denitely not greenandforsurenotgroovy. He is excited that it will keep mewarmwhenwegosealingin the spring on the sea ice you can sneak right up on a seal with that on you will have to becarefulnottogetlostinthe snow we will never nd you. No zipper so you can pull it right over your head and the wind wont blow through A perfect father parka Mymotherislookingathim strangely.Johnnydidyoufor- gettheotherpresentsheasks. HelooksbackconfusedIam notsurewhatotherpresent The one we talked about just before you left More bewil- derment my mother reaches behind her and pulls out an- otherpackage.Thisisforyou Dawn.Thisisnotusualinmy lifetwobirthdaypresentsdoes nothappen. Idontknowwhat to do Thank you. I open the brown paper package and Oh my God Another parkie Do I have to choose between the two How could I not choose the parkie that makes my dad so happy Thisparkieisnavybluewith a zipper and contrasting trim along the bottom wolverine furaroundthehoodandcuffs and bottom. It is beautiful I pull it out slowly it is short I try it on. It ts just right just abovemykneesIcanrunlike the wind in this parka. Do I get to keep it Of course you do you can have both. The navy blue parka is absolutely perfect.IfIhadsewnitmyself Iwouldhavepickedeverything exactly like this it is not at all practicalitisbeautiful.Ican- not wear this out hunting. My dadisnotsayingmuchIguess herememberedhearingabout a parka and small parts of the conversation. Now I have two parkas this is unheard of. Youonlyhaveonebodyyou can only wear one at a time why would you have two I know why I need two. Dad I cannot go out on the ice hunt- ingwithmygroovyparkiebut I can go if I put my beautiful whiteparkieovertop.Itisbig enoughtowearovertopIwill bedoublewarmwarmerthan anyone this is perfect thank you so much. In town I will wearmybeautifulnavyparkie to school. I have everything I will be cool and warm at the sametime.Itcangetnobetter White Girl High fashion The Bucket List Canadian Towns You Must Visit from By Bruce Yaccato 1.FortSmithNorthwest Territories Fort Smith de- serves a place on the bucket list if for no other reason than it is a gateway to the remote spectacular World Heritage Site Wood Buffalo National Park. The northern boreal plain and forest is home to endangered species like wood bison whooping cranes per- egrine falcons and seemingly endlessacresofpristinenatu- ral beauty that are a paradise for the outdoor enthusiast. Its nameinChipewyanisTheba- cha or beside the rapids and thoserapidsontheSlaveRiver areamajorattractionforwhite water buffs today. 2. Rankin Inlet Nuna- vut In Inuktitut its called Kangiqtiniq meaningdeepinlet.Ithasbe- comethegatewaytotheterri- toryforcivilservantsmining execsscientistsandadventure travel acionados hence the cell phone service and golf coursesnotcommontotherest of the region. There is a thriv- ing Inuit art scene especially in ceramics and carving. For exploring the stunning pris- tine Iqalugaarjuup Nunanga the land around the river of little shes Territorial His- toric Park has hiking shing and fauna that you wont see south of 90 degrees north. Therearealsohabitationsand graveyardsfromthe13thcen- tury. To celebrate spring Pak- aluk Time there is a festival whichincludesmusicdancing and the famous unique Inuit sport competitions. 3. Dawson Yukon You canstillpanforgoldandhave thefamousSourToecocktail. For a more satisfying taste attempt to make it yourself It was parodied by a Daw- son banker named Robert W. Service in The Ballad of the Ice-Worm Cocktail a story of a gullible Englishman who downed one with great trepi- dationandcomicresults.The romance of the Gold Rush evenmorethanacenturycome and gone remains. Such was the transient wealth it was called the Paris of the North. Heritagebuildingsfromits15 minutes of wealth and fame abound. And yes you can see thecan-cangirlsatGambling Gertiesbutitsnotaone-trick pony. Cruise the Yukon River andor hike 1700 feet up the Midnight Dome and take in the views of it and the Klond- ike Valley. Parks Canada has a nice tour from Crocus Bluff to Services cabin in the hills conductedwithexcerptsfrom his legendary poetry. 4. Nelson British Co- lumbia For a town of under 10000peoplethereisawhole lotgoingoninNelson.Theski- ingintheKootenayRockiesis sensational.Whenitstimefor water skis Lake Kootenay of- fers any activity you want on and under the water. Ther- malandnaturalbathsareless than an hour away as is the beginning of the provinces fabulous wine country. Nel- sonissomethingofanartistic community with a surprising cacheofVictorianQueenAnne and Beaux Arts architecture. Thetownwebsiteclaimsmore restaurants per capita than San Francisco. It also likely has more hippies per capita as the counterculture is bred by American draft dodgers during the Vietnam War and continues on today. 5. Legal Alberta A proud little town whose web- site says it puts unity back into community. Its close enough to be considered a suburb of Edmonton but it retains its separate identity with its old rural charm in- tact. Still bilingual it was founded as a French-speak- ing settlement in 1894 be- fore Alberta was a province and less than a decade after French Canadas champion Louis Riel was hanged for treason. The stop signs still say ArrtStop. Legal is re- nowned for its 28 French murals and its summer Fte Au Village or Town Festival.