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Courses give DIY prospectors a new set of tools Do-it-yourself prospecting courses hosted by the GNWT soldoutinthreedifferentcom- munities recently. See page 6. Spreading the NFTI word in Toronto The Northern Farm Training Institute was busy spreading the sustainable agriculture message in Toronto this week. See page 16. FOR THE GOOD OF THE HERD The Tlicho will not harvest Bathurst Caribou in 2015-16. See page 2. Outgoing MP watches daughter sworn in Fort Smith It was an up moment for outgoing MP Dennis Bevington when he watched hisdaughtersworninasaFort Smith town councillor Oct. 21. See page 14. New cancer care model focuses on patient journey A new holistic approach to breast cancer treatment and after-care is being tested in two NWT communities. See page 10. V IS IT W W W .N O R J.C A A national award winning independent newspaper serving northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories since 1977 1.00 October 28 2015 Vol. 39 No. 26 By CRAIG GILBERT With a record 10 indigenous MPs in the house and campaign pledges from the new prime minister and his Northwest Territories MP all roads lead to a new political dy- namic between Aboriginal peoples and government. Fort Simpson Mayor-elect Dar- lene Sibbeston believes it is a bridge thats time has come. I think the biggest opportunity forusisworkingwithFirstNations she said last week. Building and maintaining that relationship can beahugebenettoourcommunity. She said strengthening the rela- tionship between the village and the DehChoFirstNationsTribalCouncil is important to her and the sooner they get started on improving it the smoother the eventual transition with a DehCho government will be. We have to look to the future she said and most of council is on the same page. Sibbeston said there hasnt been a big focus on that relationship around the Fort Simpson coun- cil table but that she had already Small towns big agendas and fresh eyes In conversation with the new NWT mayors received a phone call from Liidlii Kue First Nation sub-Chief Steven Jose and took the chance to inform him of her intentions. Sibbestons other big priority is transparency at town hall. She told the Journal before the election that budget documents and minutes are help with bank erosion in the island community which threatens some major infrastructure including the villageswaterintakeandsewerplant and the NTPC generation station. Its not our responsibility but the NTPC plant is huge she said. Infrastructure is a big le Id like campaign that didnt go promising everything. He said he is commit- ted to putting in the time it takes to improve life in the community and wants to focus on social issues and growing the economy. Tourism is one of the easiest ones we can try and start working on building a bit more of an econ- omy around he said. Weve seen an increased number of tourists on the Dempster mainly. There were quite a few European and Chinese tourists so there is a lot of oppor- tunity there. McDonald said organizers are targeting southern Canada and the Chinese market with the ad- vertising for this Januarys Sun- rise Festival. Also on his plate attracting restaurants. One of the big issues right now is dining establishments McDon- ald said. After a long journey you want to have a nice meal so I want to work on that. Its not something the town would get into but the mayor should be out encourag- ing entrepreneurship. See Highways on page 15. slow to appear online if they get there at all. Im concerned about whats hap- peningincouncilshesaid.Itseems unfair that people can just make de- cisions without much consultation. With a new crop of MLAs to be elected Nov. 23 Sibbeston said she intended to lobby the GNWT for to push through. Our pipes have to be at least 40 years-old we have anywhere from four to 10 breaks every winter. Back in Inuvik Inuviks acting mayor Jim Mc- Donald became mayor-elect when hebeatDerekLindsaywithamodest PhotoCraigGilbert Fort Smith reghters help Rescue Randy from his demolished Chevrolet during training Oct. 21. See page 9 for the full story. I think the biggest opportunity for us is working with First Nations. Darlene Sibbeston Fort Simpson mayor