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De Beers de-fund puts carving contest on ice 8 Wednesday February 3 2016 ARTS CULTURE FESTIVALS As of February 2016 you can recycle these electronics for free at participating recycling depots or collection events in the NWT. Visit to find out where to take your electronics. Computers including keyboards mouse cables speakers and Servers TVs and Monitors Batteries automotive batteries not included Laptop Tablet and Notebook Computers Printers Copiers Scanners Fax Machines 128-383 NN Laptop Tablet and Notebook Computers 3.00 When you purchase new electronics these environmental fees will be charged to cover the cost of recycling. There is no refund for recycling your electronics. Computers and Servers 10.50 TVs and Monitors Less than 30 inches 12.25 30 45 inches 24.50 Greater than 45 inches 40.00 Printers Copiers Scanners and Fax Machines Desktop 8.00 Floor standing 40.00 Electronics Recycling ProgramElectronics Recycling Program SWAPYOUR OLD LIGHTING OUT AND GET PAYBACK SWAPSWAPYOUR OLD LIGHTING OUT AND GET PAYBACK SWAPSWAPYOUR OLD LIGHTING OUT AND GET PAYBACK SWAPSWAP POLAR ENERGY SOLUTIONS Fort Smith Northwest Territories Toll-Free 866 873-1020 Email LEDs can be used in any environment or lighting situation - business industrial commercial or residential. CONTACT US TODAY FOR A FREE EVALUATION or for more information on any of our products. By DALI CARMICHAEL There will likely be ice sculptors at this years Long John Jamboree though they may not be of the interna- tional-level-of-competition variety. Organizers of Yellowknifes annual early spring carnival were disappointed upon re- ceiving word that De Beers Canada would not be spon- soring the Inspired Ice NWT Ice Carving Championship a highlight of the festival over the last four years that drew master chiselers from all over the world. We are optimistic that we can have some sort of ice carving activity said Adrian Bell an organizer of the Jamboree. Right now what were looking at is potentially a couple of demonstration carvings that may provide training opportunities for local carvers but it wouldnt be in a competition format. The competition is just a big- ger undertaking and is much more expensive. The30000holeleftbyDe Beers would usually cover the costs of transporting artists into the city as well as op- erational fees and prizes for competition winners. The diculty for the Jam- boree is that the announce- ment came so late it doesnt give us enough time to nd replacement sponsors at that level Bell said. Thats a lit- tle frustrating for us but we already have seen smaller businesses in the community coming out of the woodwork and expressing an interest and helping out as much as they can. In addition to individ- ual sponsors forking out their own cash through a GoFundMe page set up by Jamboree volunteers local businesses including North- land Utilities Roys Audio Video Breakaway Fitness Centre and Thorntons Wine and Tapas Room have come forward to help fund the festival. Dominion Diamond Cor- poration also announced this week that it would sponsor the Canadian Championship Dog Derby an annual race that takes place alongside the Jamboree. Yellowknifers are very generous and we know that theyunderstandthesituation especially given how close the event is and they seem to be stepping up Bell said. De Beers spokesperson Tom Ormsby said he hoped Yellowknifers would also be forgiving of the companys hard decision in light of the recent closure of Snap Lake Mine causing more than 400 employees to be laid o. I think most people in the Northwest Territories have been very understanding of the dicult spot that the company has been put into in order to make a decision to put Snap Lake into care and maintenance Ormsby said. Theres a lot of residents in theNorthwestTerritorieswho are not working at that mine and thats been our priority. The company is currently in a state of restructuring Ormsby continued causing it to look at everything that has to be reviewed not just the Northwest Territories but across the country. Right now weve got three minesitelocationsonethatis still operating in Ontario we havetheSnapLakeminethat isnowgoingthroughextensive work to put it into care and maintenancesothatstopped workingandwehaveanother sitethatisunderconstruction withourGahchoKuecontract so thats not generating any revenueyethesaid.Ourre- sourcesacrossthecountryare notwhattheywereinthepast. Despite the setback Bell remains optimistic about this years Long John Jamboree for which last-minute plan- ning is underway. Were introducing some new things and were going to do our best to make sure that this is a great Jamboree for kidsvisitorsandcompetitors hesaid.Iexpectwewillhave a great event again in 2016 andwithanyluckwewillnd new sponsors in 2017 and the ice carving competition will come back as it was in 2015. PhotoDaliCarmichael Last years winner of the Inspired Ice NWT Ice Carving Contest Championship created by Japans Junichi Nakamura and Californias Shinichi Sawamura.