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12 Wednesday February 17 2016 SPORTS RECREATION FIGURE SKATING IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR PROPERTY OWNERS ASSESSED PROPERTY VALUE PROPERTY TAX RATE PROPERTY TAX BILL x The Property Assessment Notices for the 2016 tax year will be mailed on Monday February 29 2016 to all Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo property owners. Property Assessment for the 2016 Tax Year reflects market value as of the legislated date of July 1 2015. If you would like to discuss your Property Assessment Notice or you did not receive your Property Assessment Notice please visit or call 780.743.7900 and ask to speak with an Assessor. Assessors will be available 830am to 430 pm Monday to Friday. If youre still concerned with your Property Assessment Notice after speaking with an Assessor you can address your concerns with the Clerk of the Assessment Review Board accompanied by the appropriate filing fee between February 29 and April 28 2016. Additionally Council will set the 2016 tax rates in May. Property Taxes are determined by applying the appropriate tax rate to the assessed value shown on your Property Assessment Notice. 2016 Property Tax Notices will be mailed in early June. PhotosChrisBird The Territorial Figure Skating Championships were held in Fort Smiths newly renovated arena over the weekend. Above left Samantha Goodwin from the Hay River Skating Club performs her Bronze Interpretive dance. On the right Josee Martin dances her Junior Silver Freeskate. Josee was the recipient of the Most Sportsmanlike Skater award and hails from the Yellowknife Skating Club. Sporting their well-earned medals are Gillian Woldum gold for the Junior Silver Freeskate and Victoria Hamm and Kailyn Unka with gold and silver for the Star 5 Freeskate. All three skaters are with the Yellowknife Skating Club. Figure Skaters grace Fort Smith arena during territorial championship competition