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Chief Sunrise students use music to ght bullying 20 Tuesday June 2 2015 EDUCATION BULLYING NWT SENIORS SOCIETY NWT SENIORS SOCIETY P R O C L A M A T I O N WHEREAS more seniors and elders are independent and active and by challenging the stereotypes of aging are leading the way for future seniors and elders WHEREAS a more positive attitude toward aging is creating new opportunities for seniors and elders WHEREAS seniors and elders are a vital part of our families giving generously of their wisdom experience time leadership and love WHEREAS we recognize that seniors and elders have made and continue to make many contributions to strengthen our communities and throughout our daily lives WHEREAS we recognize that some seniors and elders have the right to feel secure and safe in this community WHEREAS it is appropriate that a special month be set aside to recognize and show respect to seniors and elders. Leon Peterson President NWT Seniors Society Now therefore I the President of NWT Seniors Society in the Northwest Territories do hereby Proclaim the month of June 2015 to be Senior Citizens Month and the special day World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15. Senior Citizens Month 2015 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day June 15 I call upon everyone in our communities to join in the celebration of Senior Citizens Month and World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15 to recognize the valuable contributions of seniors and elders. Seniors Helping seniors Photos wanted for 2016 Fort Smith Pet Desk Calendar Filling up fast Get your pictures in soon Ifyouwouldliketohavephotosofyour petstakenarrangementscanbemade. Please call Chris at 872-5547. Becauseofthehighvolumeofrequests we are on a first come first in basis. Special consideration will be made for pets not in previous calendars. Please submit photos of living pets only. Thereisnofeetohavephotosinthecalendar. If you have any questions or need more information please call Chris at 872-5547 or email Deadline is August 31 This ad sponsored by the Northern Journal By DALI CARMICHAEL Bullying among school-aged students is a universal problem one that kids at Chief Sunrise School on the Hay River reserve are working to combat with music and kindness. Ms.AshleyBecksjuniorkindergartentoGrade 1 class produced their own original song and music video called Setsani Be a Friend ad- dressingtheissuecelebratingtheprojectwith a community-wide launch party on May 29. We didnt want to just tackle Whats a bully What do you do if someone bullies you said Beck in an interview with the Jour- nal. With our kids we wanted to look at how to go about standing up to a bully or stand- ing up for a friend if they are being bullied. We wanted to do something the kids would be able to take and teach other kids about. Thats when they came up with the idea for their song Setsani which means be a friend in Slavey. The song was built off a discussion where the students came up with a three-step process for conict resolution. They called it BFF like best friends forever Beck said. Then they turned that acronym into Be there for your friend use a Friendly voice and Find a solution. Using funds from the department of Ed- ucation Culture and Employments ECE Safe and Caring Schools grant the school invited BC musician and videographer Rik Leaf - who had worked with the school pre- viously - to help the budding artists put their piece together. In the video they do role playing but in- stead of acting out bullying scenarios they wanted to portray how anyone can stand up to the bully Beck said. The video shows the kids playing a game where each child picks up a card. One says setsani some have positive adjectives like cool and smart in English and Slavey and one card has a negative word like weird or ugly. Its the job of the person holding the setsani card to rip up the disparaging word and re- place it with something a little nicer. For our kids its really been more about let- ting them have a voice giving them a chance to speak up about something thats impor- tant to them Beck said. This launch party was probably bigger than the creation of the video itself because its new for them. Having the focus on them having their whole com- munity come together just to hear what they have to say is really empowering. To watch the video head to comwatchvYlPJ-acKWoM. PhotocourtesyofAshleyWest-Pratt Chief Sunrise literacy coach Shawna Coleman left and junior kindergarten through Grade 1 teacher Ashley Beck celebrate the launch of their class music video for their original anti-bullying song Setsani Be a Friend on May 29.