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Tuesday June 2 2015 7 An open letter to the Dene people NWT politicians and the citizens of the NWT Some members of the Government of the NWT want to eliminate Northland Utilities a company owned by the Dene First Nations in the NWT in partnership with ATCO. For many years the Territorial Government has promised to work with First Nations and develop true partnerships. A clearly stated principle of the GNWT report Efcient Affordable and Equitable Creating a Brighter Future for the Northwest Territories Electricity System is The development of NWT energy resources is best done in partnership with Aboriginal organizations. Instead of working with our company and our people the GNWT is proposing to eliminate our company without consulting with us or asking us how we could work together. Northland Utilities is a viable northern business with First Nations ownership that provides jobs pays taxes and contributes to the social and economic benet of the North. It would be destroyed by this plan. THIS IS WRONG. There are far more productive ways to invest 180 million dollars. Our communities need improved health care solutions to reduce addictions support resources for mental health as well as housing solutions and improved education. There are real solutions to reducing our cost of living in the NWT without wasting money. We are prepared to develop a partnership between NTPC and Northlands to merge into one efcient organization that can nd real savings for our customers and our communities. We want to sit down to discuss overcome and achieve sustainable reductions in electricity rates. We are asking the GNWT to show real leadership. If you want affordable and efcient power delivery and better use of the GNWTs limited nancial resources we ask you to phone or email your MLA and get them to stop the takeover of Northland Utilities business. Sincerely The Dene Nation