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Tuesday August 11 2015 5 COLUMNS 15 Years Ago... EMO funding Federalandterritorialcommitmentstotaling430000 have been announced to support emergency prepared- ness projects in the Northwest Territories. The federal governments 152600 contribution will go to the North- west Territories Emergency Measures Organization. The GNWT will contribute an additional 278000 to sup- port emergency preparedness in the North. Issue August 8 2000 20 Years Ago... Canada Post raises rates Last week the Canadian public found that just like death and taxes postal rate increases are inevitable. The two-cent increase from 43 to 45 cents shouldnt break the bank accounts of many Canada Post users but its not just letter mail costs that have risen. Issue August 9 1995 30 Years Ago... Cominco layoffs continue Effective Aug. 31 about fty general employees of Comincos Pine Point Mines will be let go due to reduced zinc markets. Twelve additional staff positions were terminated in July through layoffs and attrition. Mike Mandry mine manager said he cant predict any further layoffs but six months ago I didnt foresee this either. Issue August 8 1985 ARCHIVES Northern Journal 2015 Join us online Like Northern Journal on Facebook and get the weekly news delivered to your feed FACEBOOK FEEDBACK Sixty-four kilometres of the only road into and out of Fort Smith have sat unpaved since 1966 as Canada and the Northwest Territories argue over who is re- sponsible for completing the stretch of road through Wood Buffalo National Park which would cost an es- timated 20 million. Highway 5 snubbed by highway funding announcement Jack Danylchuk its also on the way to the home town of a certain NDP MP who remains in the face of the Conservatives despite their efforts to be rid of him. Long live Dennis Bevington the best MP the Territories could ever have By DAWN KOSTELNIK Floating logs become our ships.Ourskinwrinklesfrom hours of swimming noses are covered in freckles and sunburn. Angelina with her browner skin burns faster than we do we nd out. Now we have to swim in sloppy tee shirts to protect our peeling shoulders. There is no deadly sunscreenpeoplebelievethat the sun is good for you how did that change At least in the ocean we dont have to keep taking showers before we can swim. Can you imagine they make you take a shower at the swimming pool We dont understand why they want us to get wet before we get wet. Kurtis was worried that they would make us take a shower when we crossed over the Al- berta border into B.C. We are getting pretty tired of all of the rules. In Banff National Park the boys werent allowed to kill the gophers. They almost had them before Dad stepped in. An older lady looked like she was going to have a heart at- tack. I guess she didnt know that we could make a re and eat them. Maybe she wouldnt have minded so much then. Something special is hap- pening we can feel it in the air. There is no one on the beach today except for a few kids. Mom and Dad keep hanging around the radio in the station wagon. We dont bother getting a cabin with a T.V. We watched T.V. at our grandparents we are only allowed to watch Bonanza and Ed Sullivan. If we want we can watch Law- rence Welk as well. Ive tried towatchitwithmygrandpar- ents because it is their favou- riteshowonT.V. Itisveryhard to sit that long for something that moves that slow. T.V. is just too boring the ocean is alive with adventures. We now believe that any- thing is possible Mom and Dad are sitting in the front seat of the station wagon looking at each other in as- tonishment. Angelina and I climb in the back seat we know better than to inter- rupt the adult conversa- tion. We strain to hear the radio it sounds pretty tech- nical but it is sure caus- ing excitement amongst the grownups on the radio also. Across the airwaves we hear Thats one small step for man one giant leap for mankind. Neil Armstrong is walking on the moon it is July 21 1969. White Girl Schools out for summer By LONE SORENSEN The sun reached its peak of powerafewweeksagotomark the beginning of summerand now a few weeks later before we know it summer will turn tofall.ThemonthofAugustis my absolute favourite time of year marking a month where I come the closest to feeding myselfasmuchasishumanly possible in our time and cli- mate. I have become increas- ingly serious about taking the responsibility to feed myself andthismonthfeelslikeIcan make my commitment come to fruition. In the gardens I am not only picking all the potatoes and carrots that I want but also the long wait forgreenbushbeanshavewell worth all the hard work. The bush beans are kept under a oating row cover held up by ve-foot bendable hoops and held fast by clothes pins. This tunnel tent provides extra protection from winds and heats up the air inside it just a bit more which is what green beans like. Though they can produce quite well without these covers they will pro- duce more under them as they like it a bit hotter than the Yellowknife weather nor- mally is. The green beans are crisp sweet and tender when pickedatjusttherightsizeand before they get too big which willcausethemtobetougher. Greenbeanscanbeeatenraw steamedforaboutaminuteor two at maximum and they can be frozen in zip lock bags with or without blanching. Broccolihasbeenharvested head by head and continues to produce fantastically this year. For weeks I have been making broccoli salads and giving it away to other peo- ple as a way to have a taste of real food. This is a great pleasure for me. I grew the broccoli in my garden from seed and planted various va- rieties of broccoli so I would have some earlier and later in the season. It has proven to be a good strategy and can Gardening with Lone Bush beans broccoli berries and beets be highly recommended for those who love broccoli. The all season blend as well as a couple of other varieties will produce from late June to the snow ies in October. Berries in the gardens are abundantthisyearinourarea and we have been picking raspberries black currants and Saskatoon berries. In Yellowknife we also have as part of a community garden project a berry orchard that wasplantedtwoyearsagoand that has haskap berries. This isarelativelynewberrytoour area.In the US they call this a honey berry because it tastes likehoneybutIhaventreally been able to get some and try them out yet. It takes a few years from planting for these toproduce andIlookforward toit.Myraspberrieshowever produce many pounds each year last year 26 pounds in a 54 square-foot patch and I make lots of jam freeze some andgivesomeawaytofriends whom I feel will appreciate it. Saskatoon berries are plenti- ful very versatile and can be devouredfreshinyoghurtice cream oatmeal and sauces. They also make great pies freezewelldehydratewelland make great jelly. Last year I made a jelly combining Sas- katoon berry jelly with mint jelly mint from my garden. Thebeetsaredoingwelland are now ready for yet another thinning or picking. Pick- ing one beet in between two other beets will leave space for those left behind to grow bigger. There is still another four to five weeks of good growing time left and that size of the beets can increase signicantly if the weather keeps warm and the watering is kept up. With still no rain in this area we may have to keep watering every few days until the temperature cools. It is a remarkable feeling to not have to go to the grocery store other than for a bit of milk butter and bread. My garden is the store outside my door and it has the most incredibly fresh and varied selection that one could ever dream of. Lone Sorensen is the founder of Northern Roots andhaslivedandgrownfood in Yellowknife for 27 years. Toni Heron Lets invite Harper to drive over here and make an announcement hes come to the end of his rocky road .. I driven that highway with no pave since it has been built and love the drive our highway crew has done a good job in maintaining it throughout the 50 years Mira Dawn think of ALL the promises to the north made by HARPER other reason NOT to vote Con Matthew Parker Supertramp The Conservatives simply put money in Con- servative ridings.....