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8 Tuesday August 11 2015 Sandra McMaster holds the youngest Jamboree visitor her granddaughter three-day old Avalon Rose Gauthier. Girl Guides Seikiah Pellissey left and Rochelle Smith with their Guide leader Erin Grifths man the cotton candy booth. Tamarah Pellissey sells homemade herbal remedies at the artists booth. Performer Chevy Beaulieu 2 steps with his mom Bonnie Bovier-Beaulieu. Estrellita Quenneville checks her Bingo numbers. Amy Mercredi gives out free lemonaide all afternoon. Rachelle Martel is all smiles at the Dene Cultural Institutes table. Hay River ddler Linda Duford shows her stuff on the Jamboree stage on Aug. 8. PhotosPaulBannister Musicians rock the stage at Enterprise Gateway Jamboree ARTS CULTURE MUSIC FESTIVALS