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Twice the size twice the price TheGNWTrevealsthatitsnew Stanton Territorial hospital in Yellowknife could cost up to 751 million over 34 years. See page 2. Aurora trades professors take lead on recruitment With low enrolment threat- ening the viability of trades programs at Aurora College professors are taking action. See page 13. LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION Northern stories hit the big screen in Yellowknife. See page 14. What do you do when the unthinkable happens As Fire Prevention Week in the NWT begins a Fort Smith woman remembers losing it all. See page 11. New exhibit on Yellowknives opens in Yellowknife Anexhibitaboutthewayoflife on the land dating back mille- nia opened with prayers and drumming last week. See page 8. V IS IT W W W .N O R J.C A A national award winning independent newspaper serving northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories since 1977 1.00 October 6 2015 Vol. 39 No. 23 By CRAIG GILBERT A mountaineer at heart Melody Lepine has summited the highest peaks on two continents and in two hemispheres. After climbing Mount Erebus in Russia and Mount Aconcagua in Argentina she believes surviving at 18000 feet prepared her for the 78-day race to become the next MP for Fort McMurray-Cold Lake on Oct. 19 a challenge she shares with ve other people including Conser- vative incumbent David Yurdiga. I tell everybody when Im that high on the mountain and Ive been there for two weeks Im cold Im hungry tired and exhausted 99 per cent of what is keeping me going is my brain telling my body I have to do it the rst-time NDP candidate said. Ive learned that theres noth- ing I tell myself I cant do. A native of Fort Chipewyan and for the past 12 years the director of government and industry relations for the Mikisew Cree First Nation she said the federal government has neglected the riding a con- cern expressed by other candidates. I just really noticed a strong ab- sence from the federal government and basically neglect from them. she said. Being the only candidate from this region and spending my entire life here I am more grounded in seeing the evolution and changes in the community and truly under- standwhatisimportanttothepeople here in Fort McMurray Cold Lake and the entire region. Lepine said industrial develop- ment has been rushed through without enough consideration of the ramications either to the environ- ment or in terms of its potential. Someofthecompaniescanteven obtain enough skilled workers so they have to resort to temporary for- eign workers she said. If we were prepared for all of these opportuni- ties we would have more of a com- mitment to training of local people or Canadians looking at different areas that could benet from good development here as well. I want to see that grow I want to see more local businesses. Obviously I see also a greater attention on the environment. We dont have to sacrice our environ- ment for only the economic benet. There needs to be a balanced ap- proach. Social programs like day- care and childcare especially for single mothers families that want both parents to work. Everything needs to be factored equally to truly benet this region and I havent seen that happening. Giving voters a clean choice Green Party candidate Brian De- heer the treasurer of the Keepers of the Athabasca is also concerned about the environment but said the partys platform available at www. greenparty.caenplatform is about more than that very well balanced and common-sense. It also includes free postsec- ondary education which might seem ambitious and a little un- usual for Canada but its not un- heard of Deheer said. Quebec has had subsidized post-second- ary there was a lot of concern about that when the province was thinking of changing that. Really investment in postsecondary is investment in our youth and in our future and so I think its a hugely valuable investment. I was happy to see that. The president of the partys riding association and a big fan of leader Elizabeth May the reasons he let his name stand include simply giving voters the option to vote cleaner greener and smarter. When it comes to our riding which has the oilsands in it I think there are some things they could be doing cleaner and greener but also one of the smarter things I think is it would make far more sense to process the bitumen in Alberta keep the jobs in Alberta keeping any risks to the environment and population during transportation to a minimum. Deheer does not have much of a war chest compared to the main- stream candidates but he expects to hear about a slowdown in the economy when he starts campaign- ing in earnest. He has lived in Lac La Biche for the past 24 years. See Oil sands on page 15. Runner-up expects another tight race in Fort McMurray-Cold Lake PhotoBillBraden Normally the Great Hall of the Legislative Assembly in Yellowknife is a staid and somber place but last Saturday it was bubbling with the squeals and chatter of dozens of little people and their parents at the Yellowknife Breastfeeding Support Groups annual Parent Awareness Fair.