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Privately built 300-million hospital to be twice as large 2 Tuesday October 6 2015 HEALTH WELLNESS HOSPITALS NEWS BRIEFS Gloomy haul for Yellowknife RCMP Yellowknife RCMP arrested or issued warrants for 11 peo- ple after drug-related searches. On Oct. 1 police seized 28 grams of packaged marijuana eight Oxycodone pills un- markedprescriptionmedicationstrafckingparaphernalia and about 2000 cash plus 35 mickeys of vodka at a resi- dence on 47th street. One man was arrested and warrants wereissuedfortwoothers.WrappingupProjectGloomier which focused on drug trafcking in Yellowknife another six people were arrested and warrants were issued for two others.DuringthemonthofSeptembersignicantquanti- tiesofcrackcocaineaswellasOxycodoneFentanylmari- huana hash oil Percocet pills and anabolic steroids were seized. More arrests and charges are expected. Sudden death in Fort Liard Police were alerted shortly before 9 a.m. on Saturday that adeceasedfemalehadbeenfoundnearRiverviewRoad in Fort Liard. A cause of death has not yet been determined. Policehadnotreleasedanyotherinformationbeforepress deadline.LocalRCPtheGDivisionMajorCrimesUnitand the Forensic Identication Unit will be working with the Ofce of the Chief Coroner of the Northwest Territories as the investigation continues. NOTICE OF ELECTION TOWN OF FORT SMITH Notice is hereby given that an election for Mayor and Town Council in the Town of Fort Smith will be held on ADVANCE POLL THURSDAY OCTOBER 8 2015 1100 a.m. - 600 p.m. Rec Centre Seniors Room REGULAR POLL MONDAY OCTOBER 19 2015 1000 a.m. - 700 p.m. Rec Centre Gym Dated at Fort Smith on October 1 2015. Margo Harney Returning Officer By CRAIG GILBERT Crews will break ground on a new territorial hospital in Yellowknife this week a facility twice the size of the building it is replacing with a daunting price tag. Someareskepticaltheproj- ect which the government of the Northwest Territories es- timates will cost 751 million over 34 years will be able to avoid overruns. SandyKalgutkardeputysec- retary of the GNWT nancial management board said the new hospital will cost 300 milliontobuild.BorealHealth PartnershipBHPtheconsor- tiumledbyBritishbuilderCar- illon will be paid 18 million per year to run and maintain itafeeoverandabovetheop- erational budget of the hospi- tal. He said half of the money is meant to offset the interest BHPwillincurbynancingthe projectandtherestforregular maintenanceandservicessuch as laundry and meals. Kalgutkar insisted the public-private partnership or P3 model was the cheapest option as a government-only project it would have cost more than 1 billion. Based on our analysis if we did a traditional design and build including main- tenance it would have cost just over 1 billion as a gov- ernment-only project. Budget skeptics have the ghostsofoverrunspastinmind pointingtotheDehChoBridge whichwasprojectedin2002to cost55millionandcameinat 202millionsevenyearslater and more recently the revela- tionthatthecompanybuilding the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk high- waybudgetedat229million may make a claim against the GNWTfora32-millionover- runforextraconstructioncosts. The government said claims are a normal part of construction contracts re- gardless of scope. TheGNWTisdoingitsdue diligence as a government in reviewing the potential claim as part of normal business processes. Concerns were also raised over the track record of Car- illion which led a partner- ship that built Ontarios rst P3hospitaltheRoyalOttawa HealthCentre.Theprojectran overbudgetby51millionor more than half and had 100 fewer beds than promised. Finance Minister Michael Miltenberger said when the contractwithBHPwassigned the new purpose-designed hospital would be state-of- the-art and built to national standards. At more than 280000 square-feet the new hospital willfeatureprivateroomsday procedureandsurgerysuites medicalimagingdialysisob- stetrics pediatric cardio and mental health departments according to the GNWT. Weareveryexcitedtobegin work on the new Stanton Ter- ritorial Hospital and continue to build a long-term relation- shipwiththeGNWTtheBHP consortiumsEdmundMahabir said.BHPhasdevelopedanin- novativesolutionforconstruc- tionofthenewhospitalandthe delivery of facilities manage- mentservicesthatwillprovide excellent value for the people of the Northwest Territories. Kalgutkar said building new was always an option in thetenderforthecontractand BHP would be responsible for the old building. They have to nd an appropriate use for it and demolition is forbidden. TheRFPwasprettyopen hesaid.Wewantedtogetsome innovationsandthebestvalue wecould.Theproponentswere free to submit a design for a new building. Based on our analysis if we did a traditional design and build including maintenance it would have cost just over 1 billion as a government- only project. Sandy Kalgutkar GNWT Yellowknife man charged with second degree attempted murder RCMP announced the name of the man charged with murder in the double-stabbing in Yellowknife Sept. 28. One man was pronounced dead at hospital a woman was transported to an Alberta hospital. Kevin Mantla 36 was charged with second-degree murder attempted murder and aggravated assault. The charges have not been proven in court.