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6 Tuesday October 13 2015 QUESTION 1 Will you advocate for national strategies for housing poverty food security and seniors If so what measures do you consider most important to include in these strategies QUESTION 2 What actions will you take to reduce living costs throughout the NWT BEVINGTON One of the most impor- tant measures we can take is to increase seniors incomes and help Canadians plan for a secure retirement. An NDP government will lift 200000 seniors out of poverty by boosting the Guaranteed Income Supplement. And well return the retirement age for Old Age Security to 65 from 67 putting 13000 back into se- niors pockets. We will work to enhance BEVINGTON More than half of work- ing Canadians are living paycheque-to- paycheque and it can be even tougher for seniors living on fixed incomes. Instead of giving Canadians a break Stephen Harper handed out tens of billions in tax giveaways to big banks and corporations including the big banks that make billions from the and medicine. An NDP government will work with the provinces and territories to provide a universal prescription drug plan. Well fight price-fixing and collu- sion on gas prices. Well also re-estab- lish a federal role in funding affordable housing with investments in both new social housing and market rental hous- Canada Pension Plan benefits and pro- tect income-splitting for seniors. An NDP government will also invest 1.8 billion over four years to help provinces and territories expand comprehensive home fees you pay. Tom Mulcair and the NDP will cap ATM fees at 50 cents per transac- tion and stop the big banks from slapping unfair fees on everyday transactions. Well ensure everyone has access to a no-frills credit card with fair interest rates. Tom Mulcair and the NDP believe no Canadian should ever have to choose between food The NWT Seniors Society advocates for the rights and quality o assured that the political candidates in We would like you the voter to keep The NWT Seniors Society asked the four federal parties for their position on issues of concern to older adults throughout the NWT so an informed choice can be made when voting for the Northwest Territories MP on October 19. Only two parties responded to our questions on time. Being heard valued and respected are fundamental to the dignity and security of older adults in the N In a jurisdiction where older adults are the fastest growing demographic NWT politicians We will be encouraging all older adults in the NWT to exercise This is a paid advertisement spons MCLEOD As a Liberal Government we will immediately increase the Guar- anteed Income Supplement for single lower income seniors by ten per cent providing up to an additional 920 per year for Canadas lowest income se- niors. This investment will reach 840 million by 2019 and benefit 1.25 million seniors including 900000 single women. A Statistics Canada study found that over a 12-year period the cost of goods typically purchased by seniors rises fast- er than those bought by non-senior fam- ilies. We will develop a new measure for the cost of living faced by seniors the Seniors Price Index. OAS and GIS will be indexed to this new more accurate and more generous measure rather than to the Consumer Price Index that reflects the wider population. In periods when the Consumer Price Index grows faster than the Seniors Price Index the traditional Consumer Price Index will be used. We will not cut pension income splitting for seniors. We will work with the provinces and territories workers employers and re- tiree organizations to enhance the Can- ada Pension Plan. Within three months of the election the new federal Finance Minister will convene provincial and ter- ritorial counterparts to begin this work. We will work with the Quebec govern- care services to 41000 more seniors allowing them to remain in their homes and build 5000 more nursing home beds for those who need care. ment and respect the close collabora- tion that exists between the Canada Pension Plan and the Quebec Pension Plan. Finally as part of a Liberal govern- ments commitment to a new ten-year investment of nearly 20 billion in social infrastructure we will prioritize signifi- cant new investment in affordable hous- ing and seniors facilities. We thank the NDP and Liberals for their r We will share ing. Tom Mulcair has announced a plan to expand Nutrition North to include 50 isolated communities currently exclud- ed review Nutrition North in partnership with northerners and look at existing successful models that increase the use of local foods and reduce food costs. MCLEOD Under the Conservatives liv- ing costs in the North have risen risen and risen. As your MP I will advocate for a large increase in the Northern Resi- dents Deduction and ensuring it is fully refundable this will provide more support to Northerners than a non-refundable tax credit. We all know that Northerners are far more likely to have their tax claims re- viewed at a much higher rate than other Canadians as CRA has recently con- firmed. I will push to make sure CRA ceas- es unreasonably targetting Northerners and instead adopts a risk-based approach to auditing Northerners tax claims. While the Liberal Party opposes Ste- phen Harpers income-splitting poli- cies-which predominantly favour the wealthy-we will preserve it for seniors and retirees who need it.