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Tuesday October 13 2015 7 QUESTION 4 Do you support an enhanced federal Northern Residents Deduction for seniors based on cost of living Why or why not QUESTION 3 The federal government introduced the Social Finance Accelerator Initiative which provides for private investment in community organizations that address persistent social problems. Do you agree with this approach to addressing social problems Why or why not BEVINGTON After nine years of Conservative governments Canadas North is a region suffering from a lack of investment and a failed Northern Strategy. From housing to employment to food security affordability remains a major stumbling block to Northern prosperity. Its a problem for everyone but we know seniors on fixed incomes have a tough time and face isolation. It BEVINGTON The impetus for this type of private investment in social programs comes from governments like the Conservatives who are un- derfunding organizations and pro- grams. While the NDP is open to exploring new forms of social innova- tion options like social impact bonds carry considerable risks the biggest being privatization of social programs. That is why only NDP members of the Standing Committee on Human Re- sources submitted a dissenting opin- ion when this issue was studied ear- has been seven years since the NRD was increased and even then the in- crease was not enough to keep pace with the rate of inflation. Besides the measures listed above to help make life lier this year. Its not surprising that both Conservatives and Liberals are prepared to go down this road since both have records in government of cutting spending on social programs and diminishing the federal role in ar- eas like affordable housing. Given the y of life for senior citizens across the NWT. We want to be n this election have issues that affect seniors as their priorities. that in mind too. WT. When our voices are ignored older adults like all other citizens feel disrespected and not valued. who ignore us do so at their own peril. Leon Peterson President NWT Seniors Society e their rights to be heard and to vote in all upcoming elections. Dennis BEVINGTON NDP Floyd ROLAND ConservativeJohn MOORE GreenMichael MCLEOD Liberal sored by the NWT Seniors Society. responses and for hearing our concerns. e them widely. lack of tangible evidence that social finance and social impact bonds lead to positive outcomes in the delivery of social programs we believe this is a matter for public debate and consul- tation if it is going to be pursued any further. MCLEOD Rather than offloading its responsibilities to the private sector as the Conservatives have done the fed- eral government should be investing in community issues directly. It should also work with other public sector partners including provincial territorial and mu- nicipal governments as well as NGOs. A Liberal government will invest 20 bil- lion in social infrastructure rather than transferring its responsibilities to the pri- vate sector. more affordable in the North an NDP government will ensure that the North- ern Residents Tax Deduction rises to keep pace with needs by indexing it to the rate of inflation. MCLEOD A Liberal government will invest 20 billion in social infrastruc- ture including affordable housing. As your MP I will focus on building longer runways and more roads to reduce the cost of transporting food and con- struction materials on encouraging local agriculture to improve availabil- ity of local food and on affordable housing. The Liberal Party will also invest 20 billion in green energy which can help re- duce the cost of electricity while lessening our dependence on fossil fuels shipped in from the south at great expense. I will also fix the outdated Northern Residents Deduction by increasing it by 50 and pegging it to inflation so that it isnt constantly eroded.